Where can I see old newspapers online?

Where can I see old newspapers online?

Guides to Online Free Newspapers

  • Chronicling America: Historic Newspapers.
  • Elephind.com: Search the World’s Historical Newspaper Archive.
  • Europeana: Newspapers.
  • Google Newspaper Archive.
  • ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers: International Collections.
  • ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers: United States.

How do I find historical news?

Full Text Newspaper Sources

  1. ProQuest Historical Newspapers. Digitized microfilm images of the complete run of major U.S. newspapers, from first publication to more current years.
  2. Times Digital Archive.
  3. America’s Historical Newspapers (Early American Newspapers)
  4. Chronicling America.

Where can I find historical newspapers?

If you can’t find historical newspapers in Google Newspaper Archive for your area and time period of interest, then Chronicling America is another source for free, digitized historical newspapers from the United States. Several subscription websites and other resources also offer access to online historical newspapers .

What is the Google News Archive?

Google News Archive contains a large collection of historical backfiles including major newspapers, magazines, and legal archives.

How do I find old newspapers in Google News Archive?

Begin with the newspaper list to browse directly to a specific newspaper title in the Google News Archive. Once you select a title of interest, you can easily navigate to a specific date using the arrows or, even faster, by entering the date in the date box (this can be a year, month and year, or a specific date).

What is the oldest newspaper in the United States?

Corbett’s Herald 1859. Corbett’s Herald 1860. Corbett’s Herald 1861. Evening Telegraph 1862. Evening Tribune 1863. Evening Tribune 1864.