Where can I get Navigo photos?

Where can I get Navigo photos?

Where to Buy Navigo. You can buy a Navigo Decouverte pass at nearly any Metro, RER, Billets Paris et Ile-de-France train ticket window that normally sells tickets and passes.

Do I need a photo for Navigo pass?

For the monthly pass most counters now take your photo digitally while you wait and print the card out instantly – so for monthly Navigo passes you don’t need to take a photo with you, they take it on the spot.

What is the difference between Navigo and Navigo Découverte?

Navigo Découverte can be bought by anyone for €5, and can be used anonymously. The regular Navigo card is for city residents only. The only reason the Navigo Découverte exists is that privacy advocates complained that a standard Navigo does not allow a person to use public transportation anonymously.

Can Tourists buy Navigo card?

Tourists can purchase a Navigo Découverte pass at almost any Metro, RER, or Transilien train ticket window—including in the airport—that normally sells tickets and passes in Paris. There are currently two versions of the Navigo pass, the standard Navigo and the Navigo Découverte.

Do Navigo cards expire?

Your Navigo Découverte card is valid for 10 years: keep it for your next trip, you may buy as many fares with it as you want!

Does Navigo easy work on RER?

The RATP’s “Navigo Easy” pass is a convenient stored-value card. It will soon replace cardboard T+ Métro, RER, bus, and tram tickets, but you can buy it and use it right now. ABOVE: With Navigo Easy, you can load single-ride transit fares and carnets onto your card for “pay as you go” convenience.

Is Ter included in Navigo?

Our Navigo Découverte travel card makes your life easier. It is available to everyone, right away and with no paperwork. Once you’ve got it, just load your Navigo daily or weekly pass on it and you can travel easily everywhere.

How do I recharge my Navigo?

Travel cards can be recharged at our automatic vending machines and at our ticket desks (metro, RER and tramway stations, and at authorised retailers). If your travel card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced immediately at an agency, regardless of the travel pass used, for an 8 euro replacement fee.

Does Navigo work on RER?

With your Navigo pass, you may travel on every Metro line, all RER (Regional Express Network) and Transilien train lines, all bus lines (except Orlybus and Roissybus) and all Tram lines in the Paris region, as well as the Montmartre Funicular.

Can I use Navigo for Orlybus?

What is the Navigo semaine pass?

The Navigo Week pass (Navigo Semaine) is valid for one week, from Monday to Sunday, and gives you unlimited travel within the zones you have selected. It can be purchased starting on the Friday before the week in question.

What is the Navigo Découverte offer?

For people residing outside of the Paris region: if you need to subscribe to a travel pass, our Navigo découverte offer is made for you. It allows you to purchase a weekly, monthly or daily Navigo pass and move around easily in the chosen zones. You’re on a trip and you want to be able to move freely around Paris for one day, or one whole week?

Can I buy and validate my Navigo week pass on my Smartphone?

If you are buying a Navigo week Pass for the first time, you will need to choose a card on which to load it first. Now, you may even buy and validate you Navigo Week pass on your smartphone! Travel with your smartphone!

How many zones can I travel with my Navigo monthly pass?

You have two options: either you pick the “all-zones” Navigo monthly pass, which allows you to travel everywhere, or you choose 2 zones out of 5 for your trips. In this case, please note that, on weekends, on public holidays and on school holidays 2, you will be allowed to travel in all 5 zones with your pass.