Where can I find medical articles?

Where can I find medical articles?


  • Medknow Publications.
  • PubMed Central and PubMed.
  • Directory of Open Access Journals.
  • Electronic Resources in Medicine Consortium and National Medical Library.
  • Google, Google Scholar, and Yahoo.
  • The Cochrane Library.
  • Public Library of Science.
  • Free Medical Journals.

What is medical article?

An original article contains the following items: A title page, an Abstract, Introduction, Patients (or materials) and methods, Results, Discussion, Summary or conclusion, the References, Tables, Figures, legends to Figures and any acknowledgements.

What is the type of medical articles?

Many types of papers are published in medical journals. These include original articles, case reports, technical notes, pictorial essays, reviews, commentaries and editorials. Authors should be aware that each type of paper is specific in nature, serve a distinct purpose, and is judged by different criteria.

What is research in medical field?

Definition. Medical research involves research in a wide range of fields, such as biology, chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology with the goal of developing new medicines or medical procedures or improving the application of those already available.

How can I get full text articles?

How to find Free Full Text Articles?

  1. Google or Google Scholar: freely accessible web search engines.
  2. PubMed: A free access bibliographic database that includes content from Medline and many other resources for directions.
  3. GetCITED: Freely accessible academic database, posting peer and non-peer reviewed items.

How do you write a medical research article?

How to write a medical research paper for publishing in a high impact journal?

  1. Address the importance of the topic.
  2. The significance of your results to the field.
  3. Highlight the innovation your research will bring.
  4. Mention if you are adding on to previous work.
  5. Provide reasons for choosing the particular journal.

How do you publish a medical article?

9 top tips for getting published in a medical journal

  1. Start by asking a simple question.
  2. Choose a timely project with a defined end point.
  3. Don’t be deterred by lack of funds.
  4. Get a good mentor.
  5. Practice writing.
  6. Keep a sharp eye on your abstract, tables and figures.
  7. Follow the journal’s instructions.

What is a medical researcher called?

Medical scientists design and conduct studies to investigate human diseases, and methods to prevent and treat them. Medical scientists conduct research aimed at improving overall human health. They often use clinical trials and other investigative methods to reach their findings.

What are the different fields of medical profession?

It includes variety of health care practices cure and prevention of illness. There are various fields in medical profession like genetics, biomedical research, psychotherapy etc.

Where can I find out more about medicine?

Find out everything there is to know about medicine and stay updated on the latest medical breakthroughs with the comprehensive articles and informative features at LiveScience.com. Learn more about these amazing discoveries as doctors and scientists reveal important information on medicine.

What medical stories have wowed you this year?

Here are some medical stories that really wowed us this year. The new drug, Apretude, is an alternative to daily pills for HIV prevention. Anti-aging vaccine shows promise in mice — will it work in humans? The vaccine targets so-called senescent cells, which accumulate with age.

Who are the authors of less academic medicine?

Krishnan, Aparna; Rabinowitz, Molly; Ziminsky, Ariana; More Krishnan, Aparna; Rabinowitz, Molly; Ziminsky, Ariana; Scott, Stephen M.; Chretien, Katherine C. Less Academic Medicine.94(4):550-555, April 2019.