When was Tagum built?

When was Tagum built?

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on February 14, 2008 and Mayor Rey T. Uy originally expected the construction to be completed on September 9, 2009. At the center of the city hall is the Atrium set to stage the various civic and cultural events of the city.

What barangay is Tagum City?

Tagum is politically subdivided into 23 barangays….Political map of Tagum, Davao del Norte.

Barangay Population (2020 Census) Area (in hectares)
Madaum 14,421 2,665
Magdum 13,559 2,655
Magugpo Poblacion 2,945 980.55
Magugpo East 15,770 255.51

What can you say about Tagum City?

Tagum lives to its title as the “City of Festivals” with its annual 15 festivals. This array of festivals showcases the world-class skills and talents of Tagumeños in culture, sports, entertainment, arts and music.

How many Moro tribes are living in Tagum?

The festival, which is now in its 15th year, is the annual gathering of the five Moro Tribes of Tagum, which are the Kagan, Iranun, Tausug, Maguindanaon and Maguindanao. In his speech, Mayor Allan Rellon rallied the Tagumenyo Moros to sustain their unity, especially in the midst of the pandemic.

What cities are under Davao Region?

Davao Region has six (6) cities, namely:

  • Panabo City.
  • Samal City.
  • Tagum City.
  • Davao City.
  • Digos City.
  • Mati City.

What is the population of Tagum City?


Type city (component)
Population (2020) 296,202
Density (2020) 1,513 / km2 (3,918 / sq mi )
Coordinates 7° 27′ North, 125° 49′ East (7.4468, 125.8095)
Estimated elevation above sea level 24.0 meters (78.8 feet)

Who is the first mayor of Tagum City?

Manuel Baura Suaybaguio, Sr.
It was in 1941 that Tagum had its first local civil government under the leadership of Manuel Baura Suaybaguio, Sr. and Sulpicio Quirante. Both were appointed as the first Mayor and Vice Mayor, respectively.

What are the 5 provinces of Davao?

It is situated at the southeastern portion of Mindanao and comprises five provinces: Davao de Oro, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Davao Oriental, and Davao Occidental. The region encloses the Davao Gulf, and its regional center is Davao City.

What is the City Hall of Tagum City made of?

New City Hall of Tagum City is designed by an Australia-based architect, Sol Flores, is made mainly of glass and steel, it is the house of the executive and legislative branches of the city government. At the center of the city hall is the Atrium set to stage the various civic and cultural events of the city.

What makes Tagum City a renowned city throughout the nation?

These men and women are at the forefront of the city’s programs which gathered multiple recognitions from various regional and national award giving bodies which made Tagum City a renowned city throughout the nation.

Where can I find the Daily News in Tagum?

The City Information Office also offers developmental news daily, aired on three radio programs from 6-7 am at Gold Fm, 11-12 nn at Charm Radio, and 4-5 pm on Radio Ukay. Read the Tagumpay stories of the city on the official magazine of Tagum.

What does TCC offer tagumenyos?

Bringing timely and relevant news, TCC ensures that Tagumenyos are well informed on the latest happenings on our beloved Tagum City. Listen to Tagum Balita Express streamed live on the official Facebook page of Tagum City every week and broadcasted on three radio stations reaching neighboring places like Compostella Valley and Laak among others.