When should you indent a paragraph?

When should you indent a paragraph?

A first-line indent is the most common way to signal the start of a new paragraph. The other common way is with space between paragraphs. First-line indents and space between paragraphs have the same relationship as belts and suspenders. You only need one to get the job done.

Do you indent your introduction?

As a thumb rule, all paragraphs in a section, except the first one, start with an indent. The opening paragraph will be flush left, meaning it does not have an indent. An indent is usually 1/2 half inch or five spaces.

Can you say I believe in an essay?

No, you do not need to use the phrase “I believe.” In fact, you should avoid using it, since the “I believe” argument is not very persuasive. Most of your readers will not care what you believe. A well-written persuasive essay is persuasive by argument alone—and “I believe” is not a persuasive argument.

Can you use slash in an essay?

For writing regular texts, you should try to avoid slashes. Use them if you must, but they do put a dent in the flow of the sentence so it’s easier to read a sentence without it.

What is a slash?

noun. a sweeping stroke, as with a knife, sword, or pen. a cut, wound, or mark made with such a stroke. a curtailment, reduction, or alteration: a drastic slash of prices.

What does a slash mean in texting?

To Indicate Or. Often, when a slash is used in a formal or informal text, it is meant to indicate the word or.