When did the NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290 come out?

When did the NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290 come out?

The Quadro NVS 290 was a mid-range professional graphics card by NVIDIA, launched on October 4th, 2007.

What is a NVIDIA Quadro NVS 295?

Designed for small form factor desktop systems, the NVIDIA® Quadro® NVS 295 business graphics solution supports dual displays with ultra high resolution. Delivering a reliable hardware and software platform, Quadro NVS provides a stable business environment.

How many GB is NVIDIA NVS 4200m?

According to the Nvidia Homepage, the 4200M is allowed to be clocked up to 810MHz, compared to the 550MHz of the GT 520M….NVIDIA NVS 4200M.

Manufacturer NVIDIA
Memory Speed 800 MHz
Memory Bus Width 64 Bit
Memory Type DDR3
Max. Amount of Memory 1024 MB

How much GB is NVIDIA NVS 5200M?

NVIDIA started NVS 5200M sales 1 June 2012. This is Fermi architecture notebook card based on 28 / 40 nm manufacturing process and primarily aimed at designers. 1 GB of DDR3 memory clocked at 1.8 GHz are supplied, and together with 64 Bit memory interface this creates a bandwidth of 14.4 GB/s.

Is Nvidia 4200M good?

It is a good result. The videocard NVIDIA NVS 4200M runs with the minimal clock speed 810 MHz. It is featured by the acceleration option and able to run up to . The manufacturer has equipped NVIDIA with GB of 1 GB memory, clock speed 800 MHz and bandwidth 12.8 GB/s.

Can Nvidia NVS 5200M run games?

Based on the Fermi GF108 architecture (same used on mid range GT 525M, GT 540M, GT 630M, etc) but with no driver support for games. Due to its identical specifications but bus width cut in half and no driver support for games, its performance should be a little lower than GeForce GT 525M.

What is Nvidia NVS 5200M?

The NVIDIA NVS 5200M is an entry-level, dedicated business graphics card for laptops. It should be based on the 28nm GF117 Fermi chip, but 40nm GF108 versions are also possible. According to the specifications, the NVS 5200M is very similar to the consumer GeForce GT 620M but with slightly reduced clock rates.

Is Nvidia Quadro NVS 3100M good for gaming?

NVS 3100M does support DirectX 10.1 but the limited Memory Bus and all the rest put together result in poor gaming performance. Still, it should be enough to handle demanding games like, Crysis 2, on the lowest settings possible but games like Metro 2033 are probably unplayable at the lowest settings.

When was NVIDIA 5200M released?

The NVS 5200M was a professional mobile graphics chip by NVIDIA, launched on September 17th, 2012. Built on the 40 nm process, and based on the GF108 graphics processor, in its GF108-300-A1 variant, the chip supports DirectX 12.