When did Ron Paul run for president?

When did Ron Paul run for president?

Ron Paul has unsuccessfully run for president three times; it may refer to: Ron Paul presidential campaign, 1988. Ron Paul presidential campaign, 2008. Ron Paul presidential campaign, 2012.

Who were the presidential candidates in 2004?


Presidential candidate Party Home state
George Walker Bush Republican Texas
John Forbes Kerry Democratic Massachusetts
John Reid Edwards Democratic North Carolina

What happened to the Reform Party in the 2006 election?

In 2006, the Reform Party nominated candidates in Arizona, and petitioned to regain ballot access in several other states where state Reform Party organizations were active. The Reform Party of Kansas nominated a slate of candidates, led by Iraq War veteran Richard Ranzau.

Who was the Reform Party’s 2000 presidential nominee?

The Reform Party’s presidential nominee for the 2000 election was due federal matching funds of $12.5 million, based on Perot’s 8 percent showing in 1996. Early on, there was a failed effort to draft Ron Paul. Donald Trump entered the race briefly, giving television interviews outlining his platform.

What happened to the Reform Party?

Its most significant victory came when Jesse Ventura was elected Governor of Minnesota in 1998, although he left the party shortly into his term. Donald Trump was a member of the Reform Party during his brief 2000 presidential campaign. In around the year 2000, party infighting and scandals led to a major decline in the party’s strength.

Does the American Reform Party run candidates for President?

In the 2000, 2004, and 2008 elections, the American Reform Party supported Ralph Nader for president. The ARP is not a political party in the conventional sense. It does not have ballot access in any state, and it does not run candidates.