When did Dashboard Confessional Hands Down come out?

When did Dashboard Confessional Hands Down come out?

2002Hands Down / Released

What happened Dashboard Confessional?

In 2019 Dashboard Confessional released re-recordings of Dusk and Summer, Alter the Ending, and A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar under a triple LP titled Now Is Then Is Now. In 2020, Chris and his band started a 20-year anniversary tour celebrating the anniversary of the band’s beginning.

Is A Brand A Scar?

Branding is a type of scarification, meaning that the design is a scar that is permanent on the skin and will not fade. Because of this, the designs have to be simple and less detailed. Typically, people who brand want to have raised scars, which are called keloid scars.

Who is opening for Dashboard Confessional?

Sydney Sprague
Sydney Sprague will perform opening slots throughout the trek. Check out the full schedule below. The Surviving the Truth Tour will follow the release of All The Truth That I Can Tell, Dashboard Confessional’s first new album in four years.

What is the story behind hands down by Dashboard Confessional?

” Hands Down ” is a song by Dashboard Confessional that was originally recorded for the acoustic So Impossible EP in 2001, which told the story of a date that Chris Carrabba had in his late teens/early twenties. It was later re-recorded and released as the lead single for the LP A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar in 2003 with a full band.

How many albums does Dashboard Confessional have?

The discography of Dashboard Confessional, an American rock band, consists of seven studio albums, one live album, one compilation album, six extended plays and 13 singles . ^ a b “Dashboard Confessional Chart History – Billboard 200”.

Who sings hands down by Dashboard?

The hit song showcases the impressive storytelling abilities of Carrabba and ultimately, his songwriting skills. “Hands Down” is the opening track on Dashboard’s 2003 album A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar.

What is hands down by Carrabba about?

Carrabba has said that this song is about the best day and date that he’s ever had, and introduces it as such at concerts. “Hands Down” was released to radio on July 15, 2003. ^ “28 WTF Emo Lyrics You Still Tried To Relate To”.