What year is a Yamaha G8 golf cart?

What year is a Yamaha G8 golf cart?

Yamaha Electric & Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Serial Numbers:

Yamaha G1 to G11
Yamaha’s Longest Running Cart Model. The G-Series.
JF2-200101 G8 GAS 1992
JF2-300101 G8 GAS 1993
JF2-400101 G8 GAS 1994

What size engine is in a Yamaha golf cart?

At 357cc and 11.4 horsepower, it is Yamaha’s most fuel-efficient carburetor engine.

What year is a Yamaha G14 golf cart?

G-Series (1979 – 2002)

G1 – Electric Models
Serial Number Year
G14 – Gas Models
Serial Number Year
JN3-200101 1996

How many horsepower does a Yamaha golf cart?

11.4 horsepower
Our Yamaha-built engine brings you over 60 years of proven performance featuring a filterless oil system for ease of maintenance. At 357cc’s, producing 11.4 horsepower, it’s the most fuel efficient carbureted engine in the industry with all the great features built into the Drive2 line of cars.

How fast is a Yamaha gas golf cart?

Although, new gasoline and electric golf cart versions of Yamaha all have the same top speed. The top speed of both versions of Yamaha golf carts is 19 mph (31 kph).

How much oil does a Yamaha golf cart take?

How Much Oil Does a Gas Golf Cart Hold? Most gas-powered golf carts have an engine oil capacity of around 1 liter (1 quart). When adding oil to an empty golf cart, it’s important that you don’t overfill it. Adding too much oil can result in damage to the engine.

How wide is a Yamaha golf cart?

The standard golf cart is about 4 feet wide by about 8 feet long and usually is about 6 feet high….How wide is a Yamaha golf cart?

LxWxH 108 x 48 3/4 x 71 inches 108 x 48 3/4 x 71 inches
Wheelbase 65 1/2 inches 65 1/2 inches
Ground Clearance 4 1/2 inches 4 1/2 inches

Where is the serial number on a G8 golf cart?

The G8 model golf cart 86’d the roof and gave way to some pretty sleek styling for the early 90’s model golf carts. Finding the serial number once again is ever changing now located under the seat again – passenger side.

How do I tell what year my Yamaha golf cart is?

Usually found under the seat, under the driver side glove box area or on the chassis towards the rear of the golf cart. Under the bumper area usually. Once you have located this you can use the chart below to cross-reference those numbers and determine the year and model of your Yamaha Golf Cart.

What years did Yamaha make electric golf carts?

Yamaha Electric Golf Carts JR1-400101 G19EU 2000 JR1-300101 G19ET 1999 JR1-200101 G19ES 1998 JR1-100101 G19ER 1997

What is the difference between a G3 and G2 golf cart?

The G3 was short lived and soon to be replaced by the G5. You can find the serial number on the G3 under the cart towards the rear passenger side tire. The G2 continued the legacy of the G1 and production started on this model in early 85′.