What was the price of petrol in 1990 in Pakistan?

What was the price of petrol in 1990 in Pakistan?

50, it was Rs12. 23 in October 1990, Rs14. 62 in July 1992, Rs16. 78 in February 1994, Rs21.

What was the petrol price in Pakistan in 2000?

in Local Currency

Fuel Price Data Observation Year 2000
Fuel Price Data Observation Price 0.53 USD
Fuel Price Data Observation Fuel Type Super Gasoline

What was the price of petrol in 2012 in Pakistan?

Rs 103

Pakistan: Basic life items and economy in 2008 and 2012
Value/Price of items by September 2008 (retail) Value/Price of items by February 2013 (retail)
Petrol 1 liter Rs 103
Diesel (HS) 1 Liter Rs 115
CNG KG Rs 75

What is the petrol price in Pakistan 1995?

Jet Fuel Monthly Price – Pakistan Rupee per Gallon

Month Price Change
Mar 1995 13.90 -3.88%
Apr 1995 15.48 11.33%
May 1995 15.83 2.30%
Jun 1995 14.84 -6.24%

What was the petrol price in Pakistan in 2008?

Petrol prices registered an increase of Rs 40.50 per litre as in 2008 petrol was selling at Rs 62.80 per litre against Rs 103.70 per litre current price. High Speed Diesel witnessed an increase of Rs 70.71 per litre with the commodity selling at Rs 38.50 per litre in 2008 against current price of Rs 109.21 per litre.

What was the petrol price in 2010?

Govt also mulling phased decontrol of diesel prices based on Kelkar Committee report

Month Delhi Mumbai
November 02, 2010 52.59 57.01
October 17, 2010 52.59 57.01
September 21, 2010 51.83 56.25
September 08, 2010 51.56 55.97

What was the petrol price in 2015 in Pakistan?

With this decrease, the prices of one liter of petrol and high speed diesel decreased from PKR 76.76 and PKR 85.05 in August to PKR 73.76 and 82.04 in September 2015.

What was price of petrol in 2004?

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Month Delhi Mumbai
April 01, 2005 37.99 43.23
November 15, 2004 37.84 43.23
November 04, 2004 39 44.49
July 31, 2004 36.81 42.15

What was the petrol price in 2017 in Pakistan?

Petrol Prices in Pakistan October 2017 80 per litre from Rs74 per litre. And with diesel getting cheaper by Rs1. 60 per litre, the new price will be Rs81. 40 per litre as against Rs83 per litre earlier.

What was the petrol price in 2018 in Pakistan?

With the increase in POL prices, the new prices of petrol will be Rs123. 30 per litre, diesel Rs120. 04 per litre, kerosene Rs92. 26 and LDO price would be Rs90.

What was the price of petrol in 2018 in Pakistan?

The increase now means that petrol will now cost Rs 110.69, HSD Rs 112.55, kerosene oil Rs 81.89 and light diesel oil will cost Rs 79.68 per litre.

What is the current price of petrol in Pakistan?

The current Super petrol price in Pakistan is 145.82 per liter. Pakistan High-Speed Diesel

What is the petrol rate in Pakistan?

Petrol and diesel prices in Pakistan have been shooting skywards, with the petrol price becoming costlier by Pakistani Rupees 12 a litre and diesel by Pakistani Rupees 9.53 per litre. The Pakistan government has significantly hiked fuel prices across the

How much cost is required for petrol pump in Pakistan?

To open a petrol pump in rural areas, the applicant needs to have funding of minimum Rs. 15 – Rs. 20 lakh. Whereas, for opening petrol pump in urban areas the investment amount can go up to Rs. 30 – Rs. 35 (if the land is self-owned). Besides cash and jewelry, applicants can use the below-mentioned types of funds for opening a petrol pump:

What is the cheapest car in Pakistan?

To reshape Pakistan’s automobile industry, Regal Automobiles Industries Limited (RAIL), launched Pakistan’s most affordable hatchback, Prince Pearl, on 31st January 2020.