What was inside the music box?

What was inside the music box?

The inside of the musical box is called the movement. Normally made of steel and where sound is being produced. Strips of protruding metal on the comb is called the teeth. The revolving part of the movement where the tunes are imprinted on using metal pins.

What are those music boxes?

The popular device best known today as a “music box” developed from musical snuff boxes of the 18th century and were originally called carillons à musique (French for “chimes of music”). Some of the more complex boxes also contain a tiny drum and/or bells in addition to the metal comb.

How did old music boxes work?

Basically wooden cases (some very fancy) that hold metal cylinders, these boxes have a metal comb with raised teeth. Crank a lever and release the gear, and the metal disk or cylinder rotates against the comb, creating music as the comb teeth catch against raised metal “notes” on the cylinder.

What is the first music box?

The music box was probably invented about 1770 in Switzerland. The earliest music boxes were small enough to be enclosed in a pocket watch, but they were gradually built in larger sizes and housed in rectangular wooden boxes.

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What is the history of music boxes?

In 1796, a Swiss inventor made a music box breakthrough by replacing bells with pretuned metal strips and teeth that allowed the boxes to have a broader scale and better-quality sound. He then added a spring mechanism that acted as an on and off switch and devised interchangeable cylinders that offered a wider musical selection in one music Box.

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