What type of contrast medium is used for Sialography?

What type of contrast medium is used for Sialography?

Conray 80, Amipaque 440, Lipiodol UF, Myodil, and Duroliopaque appear to be the media most suited for sialography, provided glandular overfilling is avoided. A prolonged clinical study is advised for a further selection from these agents.

What is Mr Sialography?

MR sialography is based on the principle of MR hydrography in which stationary fluids are hyperintense on heavily T2 weighted images. This technique is noninvasive with rapid acquisition of images that demonstrate the main duct and intraglandular branches up to second order branching in the salivary glands.

Do you think Sialography is still an essential procedure these days?

Hence, sialography remains an indispensable choice for detailed assessment of the salivary glands when compared to the above mentioned imaging modalities as it is simple to perform, quick and almost a pain free diagnostic procedure.

Which gland Cannot be studied with the help of Sialography?

Salivary Gland Diseases Sialography is contraindicated in acute infections because disrupted ductal epithelium may allow extravasation of contrast agent, resulting in a foreign body reaction and severe pain.

Is Sialography still used?

Sialography, which is characterized by examination of the duct with contrast medium, is nowadays considered obsolete in many cases [5, 6]. However, it remains highly effective for imaging the ductal system in chronic inflammation of the salivary gland ducts and sialolithiasis.

What structures are examined during sialography?

Sialography is used to demonstrate the relation of the salivary glands to their adjacent structures. It provides both diagnostic and preoperative information in cases of salivary gland pathology.

Which gland Cannot be studied with the help of sialography?

How is sialography performed in the radiology suite?

Sialography is performed in the Radiology fluoroscopy suite The cheek is retracted and inspected to identify the optimal position for cannulation The guide wire is then used to bluntly probe for the lumen of the duct Permits placement of a 22 or 24 gauge angiocatheter over it via the Seldinger technique.

What is sialography?

A METHOD OF SIALOGRAPHY dke Gullmo and Gun Book-Hederstrom Sialography was introduced simultaneously and independently by BARSONY (1925), USLENGHI (1925) and CARLSTEN (1926), a contrast medium of high viscosity being used (Lipiodol or iodized oil).

Is sialography useful in the diagnosis of bacterial sialadenitis?

Sialography is one of the oldest imaging procedures and still most commonly practiced, as it is a chair side procedure, simple to perform, and cost effective. We report the role of sialography as an adjuvant in the diagnosis of bacterial sialadenitis and sialadenosis and as a diagnostic and therapeutic aid in a case of juvenile recurrent parotitis.

Is sialography an alternative for salivary gland imaging?

BACKGROUND MR Sialography has become an alternative method for imaging the salivary gland and duct. MRI is a non-invasive technique with advantages of superior tissue discrimination and multiplanar facility.