What size transformer do I need for LED lights?

What size transformer do I need for LED lights?

Transformers generally range from 150- to 900-watt capacity. Matching the size of the transformer to the lighting design is important for efficient operation and function of the system. House current, 120 volts, is reduced by a transformer to 12 to 20 volts, the current needed to operate low-voltage landscaping lights.

How big of a transformer do I need?

To determine the required transformer VA, multiply the secondary voltage by the required amperes: For example, VA=Volts x Amperes or 28V x 1.2 amperes = 33.6 VA. To determine the maximum transformer current, divide the transformer VA by transformer secondary voltage.

How many watts transformer do I need for LED lights?

When using an electronic transformer, the total wattage of the light fixtures connected to the transformer should be less than or equal to the maximum wattage rating. For most magnetic transformers, the total wattage of the lights you connect shouldn’t be more than 80% of the maximum wattage rating.

How do I choose a low voltage transformer?

The easiest way to start filtering out the right transformer is to determine if the low voltage light fixture you need to power requires 12 or 24 volts. You should be able to find this information in the description/specifications of any product. Also, determine whether your power source outputs 120 or 277 volts.

How many lights can you put on a 200 watt transformer?

The transformer is 200 watts. So it depends on the wattage of the led. Theoretically, you could have 200 1 watt lights, or 4 50 watt lights. I would not exceed 90% of capacity ( 190 watts) as there is some loss of power in the transmission wire.

How much power does a 12v transformer use?

They also waste power when powering a device. If you have ever felt one and it was warm, that is wasted energy turned to heat. The power consumption is not large — on the order of 1 to 5 watts per transformer.

How far can you run 10 2 low voltage wire?

We recommend using 10/2 low voltage wire for all wire runs longer than 50 feet in halogen systems. The larger 10/2 wire will help reduce voltage drop.

What size transformer do I need for my garden lights?

So, if you want to connect ten landscape spotlights to a small transformer, and the lights utilize 2W / 4VA / 20 watts halogen equivalent light output power each, you would want a 100-watt transformer. (Example of calculations: 10 lights X 4 VA = 40 voltage amps).

What LED transformer do I need?

It’s also advised the total wattage of all bulbs combined doesn’t exceed 80% of the transformer’s wattage. So if you choose to power 4 x 4W MR16 bulbs (16W total) from one driver, you’ll need a 20W driver. If you want to power 4 x 6W MR16 bulbs, you’ll need a 30W transformer, and so on.

Are all halogen downlight Transformers created equal?

Not all halogen downlight transformers are created equal when using them with retrofit LED globes. Alfred Howell explains how the wrong transformers can be costing you money. With the retrofitting of LED downlight bulbs to MR16 halogen fittings, households have seen great efficiency gains and cost savings.

Are ferromagnetic Transformers in downlight fittings any good?

Many of the older downlight fittings use ferromagnetic (iron core) transformers. While simple, they are inefficient compared to modern electronic replacements. To determine the extent of losses in these transformers I performed some simple testing.

How to install a downlight in a ceiling?

Place the light in the hole and push slightly up to the moment when you hear the clips snapping. Check if all the wires are put in the hole before the downlight, and keep on pushing the light into the ceiling so that the clips can be inserted in the hole.

How far apart should downlights be installed?

Remember to keep around 3-4 inches on either side of the dot to correctly fit the downlight in your ceiling. While adding additional lights, bear in mind that they should be spaced 4-5 ft apart. Mark all the spots where your downlights will be installed.