What size is a 55 Chevy rear end?

What size is a 55 Chevy rear end?

55-57 Chevy is 60-1/4″.

How do I identify a 12 bolt Chevy rear end?

The easiest way to identify a 12-bolt rearend is obviously by the 12 bolts holding the rear cover onto the axle housing. The pinion shaft on passenger-car differentials is 1-5/8-inch in diameter and the cover is oval, measuring 10-15/16-inches wide by 10-5/8-inches tall.

How wide is a 55 Chevy?


Length : 195.6 in | 4968 mm.
Width : 73.0 in | 1854 mm.
Height : 59.0 in | 1499 mm.
Wheelbase : 115.0 in | 2921 mm.

What rear end does a 57 Chevy have?

Actually the Black Widow 57 Chevy did not use any truck parts, at least as far as the suspension goes. It did have a 6 lug rear, as well as 6 lug front spindle.

What size is a Chevy 12-bolt rear end?

The rearend cover on passenger car 12-bolt rearends is oval, measuring 10-15/16-inches wide by 10-5/8-inches tall. It also has an upsidedown, V-shaped protrusion that is there to direct oil to the carrier bearings.

Is a GM 12-bolt rear end good?

When the 12-bolt rearend is properly assembled, it’s the strongest passenger-vehicle rearend Chevy ever produced. GM engineers designed the 12-bolt to be a durable piece that could handle the torque output of its big displacement engines.

What engine did a 55 Bel Air have?

What made the 1955 Bel Air so different from the previous models, and from other cars in general, was its beating heart. Its new 265 cu in V8 engine was equipped with a modern overhead-valve system and characterized by a high compression ratio and a short-stroke.

What size drag rearend for a 55 Chevy?

72 thru 75 Nova and Camaro are the correct width,60 inches.Look for the 8.5 inch 10 bolt.Pinion nut size is 1.25 inches where as the 8.2s are 1.125. I have a 77 Trans Am 8.5 10bolt 3.42 gear posi in my 55 Chevy going to pull it here soon, if you were closer to Florida I’d give ya a deal on it. Putting a spooled drag rearend in my 55.

What’s the difference between a Chevy 57 and a Chevy 55?

The ’57 has the best bearing design of the three years and has a drain (?) plug on the pumpkin. I’d loan you my spare ’55, if you were nearby… If you have to put something together, the diffs from ’55 to ’64 are interchangeable, but Chev went coil suspended rear axle housings in ’58, instead of leaf suspended.

Does a 55 Chevy 2 door wagon have a rear end?

About to tow the ’55 Chevy 2 door wagon home, But it has no rear end under it… So what dimensions do I need to find a rear end to put underneath it…