What should I put for special skills on a job application?

What should I put for special skills on a job application?

Soft Skills List

  • Problem Solving.
  • Adaptability.
  • Collaboration.
  • Strong Work Ethic.
  • Time Management.
  • Critical Thinking.
  • Self-Confidence.
  • Handling Pressure.

How do you impress an employer to hire you?

Here are five things to communicate during an interview that will convince the employer you’re a great hire.

  1. You will never have to tell me what to do twice.
  2. I will complete the job/assignment you give me with excellence.
  3. I am an agreeable person.
  4. I am easy to correct and instruct—I am teachable.
  5. I am a loyal employee.

How long should a cover letter be addressing selection criteria?

Make your points relevant to the job you’re applying for. Keep your cover letter short and concise with about three paragraphs and bold a couple of the essential words to make them pop off the page. Close the letter by restating your interest. In the final paragraph, say how much you’d like the position again.

How do you show passion in a cover letter?

Proper Ways to Show Passion in a Cover Letter

  1. Open With a Personal Greeting.
  2. Show You Researched the Company and Job.
  3. Describe Your Qualifications With Powerful Verbs and Action Words.
  4. Explain Your Quantifiable, Concrete Results.
  5. List Reasons Why You Are Personally and Professionally Excited to Apply.
  6. Tailor the Cover Letter to the Job.
  7. Closing Thoughts.

How do you answer the key selection criteria in a cover letter?

How to address key selection criteria in a cover letter

  1. Understand the key selection criteria. Don’t jump into addressing the key selection criteria.
  2. Actually address the key selection criteria. This may sound obvious, but it’s important that you think about how your response is actually tackling the key criteria.
  3. Use hard evidence to substantiate your answers.

What to write to impress employers?

Highlight skills and experience that relate to the qualifications in the job description. Emphasize your strengths that relate to the position. Tell the employer how you can apply your skills on the job. Refer the reader to your resume.

How do you respond to essential criteria?

Check the job advertisement and position description to see if you need to respond to key selection criteria….Write a statement under each criterion of 60 to 120 words using the SAO approach:

  1. Situation, where and when you did something.
  2. Action, what you did and how you did it.
  3. Outcome, what was the result of your actions.