What section in Rogers Arena are no alcohol?

What section in Rogers Arena are no alcohol?

section 102
Rogers Arena on Twitter: “@casey_nolan Non-alcohol sections includes section 102 (row 14-25) seats 1-12 (low side).” / Twitter.

What does row CC mean at a concert?

it’s just the way that they’ve laid things out in seating. So CC would actually be three seats behind the Z seats or 30th row. 547 views.

How many rows are in Rogers Arena lower bowl?

25 rows
Most Lower Bowl sections have 25 rows of seats – and many feature a Drink Rail row (labeled DRL) at the back. Lower Bowl tickets are a popular alternative to Floor Seats for a concert. While Floor sections are flat, these sections are on risers, making it easier to see over guests in front of you.

Is there a smoking area at Rogers Arena?

Please be aware that hockey pucks may enter the seating area during game events. Guests voluntarily assume all risks and dangers incidental to any event. Rogers Arena is a smoke-free environment.

Where is the Rogers Arena?

Rogers Arena is a top-notch venue located in Vancouver, BC. As many fans will attest to, Rogers Arena is known to be one of the best places to catch live entertainment around town. The Rogers Arena is known for hosting the Vancouver Canucks but other events have taken place here as well.

What are the lower level seats at Rogers Place?

The lower level seats at Rogers Place consist of sections 101 through 134. The rows for most lower level sections are numbered 1 through 25. Some lower level sections, particularly those in the corner of the arena, have as many as 30 rows in each section.

What are the club sections at Rogers Place?

Behind sections 107 and 115 is the Molson Canadian Fan Deck, a bar with upscale food and drink offerings. Unlike most NHL arenas, eight lower level sections at Rogers Place are considered club sections. Those sections include sections 101 through 104, and 118 through 121.

What are O-Zone seats at Rogers Place?

The O-zone seats are three rows of premium seats and a row of drink rail seating in sections 107, 109, 113, and 115. Hockey fans with O-zone seats also have access to both a private bar, and the Mezzanine Club. The upper level seats at Rogers Place consist of sections 201 through 234.