What pressure should RockShox be set at?

What pressure should RockShox be set at?

RockShox Setup Guide | SRAM. Max pressure should not exceed 163 psi. Rebound suggestions are set from the full clockwise/full slow position. These suggestions are a recommended starting point.

What PSI should my front shock be?

Sag should be set to 15 – 20% of total fork travel

Suggested Starting Points for Setting Sag
Rider Weight (lbs) Rider Weight (kgs) 32/34 TALAS Pressure (psi/ bar)
120-130 54-59 98psi/ 6.7 bar
130-140 59-64 105psi/ 7.2 bar
140-150 64-68 113psi/ 7.8 bar

What spring rate do I need MTB?

You should use no more than 6 turns and no less than 1 turn of preload. If you need more than 6 turns to achieve Sag, you need to go up 50lbs in Spring Rate. If you need less than 1 turn, you need to go down 50lbs in Spring Rate.

How much air do you put in bike shocks?

Eyeball it or use a ruler to measure. If less than 30 percent of the stanchion is showing below the o-ring, unscrew the valve cap on your shock and, using a shock pump, add air—about 10 PSI at a time.

What is preload on RockShox?

The preload refers to the amount of sag the shock will allow when the bike is at rest with the rider’s weight bearing down on it. Determining the correct preload is important because if it’s too high, it takes more energy to move the shock and compress the springs, resulting in a harder and desensitized shock system.

What is the RockShox XC 32?

The RockShox XC 32 puts industry standard RockShox technology and performance in the hands of every mountain biker. The XC series is a high-value line of forks that doesn’t compromise on performance.

What’s new on the XC 32 Forks?

The XC series is a high-value line of forks that doesn’t compromise on performance. The XC 32 now features Solo Air technology with positive and negative air chambers. This means smooth travel and easy shock setup for any rider!

How much oil in XC32 shock damper side?

I saw it and tightened them at the end of each ride but eventually they gave way. It lists the amount of oil in a XC32 shock damper side for the upper tube as 145ml of 5wt oil, and 5ml of 15wt oil in the lower tube.

How much does a Suntour XC 32 Fork weigh?

The weight of 2.182 grams (with cut steer tube) is even lower than the one declared by the producer, making this fork one of the lightest in its class. Speaking about its competition, only Suntour XCR is able to keep up with XC 32, thanks to its refinement, but is still 200 grams heavier.