What percentage of retinol is in Peter Thomas Roth?

What percentage of retinol is in Peter Thomas Roth?

1.5 percent
What Else You Need to Know: This potent solution of 1.5 percent time-released microencapsulated retinol delivers a gradual stream of non-irritating retinol all night long to visibly help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, texture and radiance.

Does Beautypedia exist?

Beautypedia now has its own URL: www.beautypedia.com. Having its own webpage allows for greater expansion of reviews for skin care and makeup, plus exciting new features coming soon.

What is the shelf life of Peter Thomas Roth retinol Fusion PM?

Our SPF products have a 2 year expiration date.

Is Peter Thomas Roth cruelty free?

Peter Thomas Roth is NOT Cruelty-Free. Peter Thomas Roth engages in animal testing by allowing its products to be animal-tested.

Are Peter Thomas Roth products natural?

There isn’t anything natural/organic about Peter Thomas Roth and we don’t say it as a criticism. It is a clinical skin care brand, laden with all the harmless chemicals that your skin needs.

Does Peter Thomas Roth retinol expire?

Unlike other unstable retinol products, this one according to manufacturer is good for 3 years.

Who is Beautypedia?

What is Beautypedia? Beautypedia is the creation of beauty expert Paula Begoun, worldwide bestselling author of nine editions of Don’t Go to The Cosmetics Counter Without Me and founder of Paula’s Choice Skincare.

Does Peter Thomas Roth Retinol expire?

Is Peter Thomas Roth’s professional 3% retinoid plus any good?

Peter Thomas Roth’s Professional 3% Retinoid Plus certainly has potential, and it’s an interesting twist on a retinol treatment. This liquid formula is marketed as a milder alternative to retinol by the brand, yet provides similar results.

What is the retinol fusion pm collection?

The Retinol Fusion PM Collection provides maximum results and minimal irritation with unique time-released Microencapsulated Retinol that bursts continuously all night long. All-over and targeted treatments help reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture.

Is Peter Thomas Roth a good brand?

Peter Thomas Roth is a large but straightforward line with mostly uncomplicated formulations that, for the most part, are quite good and state-of-the-art. Unlike many product lines, most of the acne, AHA, BHA, sunscreen, and moisturizing products contain what they should to be effective and helpful for skin.

What are the benefits of microencapsulated retinol?

Maximum results. Minimal irritation. Unique, potent solution of time-released Microencapsulated Retinol at 1.5% helps to gently exfoliate the skin with a continuous burst of retinol all night long. Maximum results.