What order do the I Am Number Four books go in?

What order do the I Am Number Four books go in?

I Am Number Four series order

  • I Am Number Four.
  • The Power Of Six.
  • The Rise of Nine.
  • The Fall of Five.
  • The Revenge of Seven.
  • The Fate of Ten.
  • United As One.
  • Generation One (Lorien Legacies Reborn)

Is the I Am Number Four book series over?

United As One is the seventh and final book in the series. The title was revealed on October 26, 2015. It was released on June 28, 2016.

What comes after the rise of Nine?

The Rise of Nine is a young adult teen fiction novel by Pittacus Lore and the third novel in The Lorien Legacies….The Rise of Nine.

Author Pittacus Lore
Preceded by The Power of Six
Followed by The Fall of Five

What is after the fall of five?

The Fall of Five

The American cover of The Fall of Five
Author Pittacus Lore
ISBN 978-0-06-197461-8
Preceded by The Rise of Nine
Followed by The Revenge of Seven

What age is I Am Number Four book for?

I recommend this book for everyone over the age of 13. For those concerned about the books being appropriate for teens, there is some language, more in the later books than in the beginning, as the action and peril heat up, but it is not anything that my teens don’t tell me they hear at their school.

What comes after the fate of ten?

The Fate of Ten is the sixth book in the Lorien Legacies series. It has been published and released September 1, 2015. The Fate of Ten is preceded by the fifth book in the series, The Revenge of Seven….

The Fate of Ten
Successor United as One

How many books are in the four series?

5 books
There are 5 books in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

What is the Order of the I Am Number Four Books?

I Am Number Four Collection: Books 1-6: I Am Number Four, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, The Fall of Five, The Revenge of Seven, The Fate of Ten

Is there a movie of I Am Number Four?

Also known for the ill-fated movie adaptation “I Am Number Four”,The Lorien Legaciesseries found more success in the libraries. What’s the Lorien Legacies series? Written by James Frey and Jobie Hughes under the pen name Pittacus Lore, The Lorien Legacies is a young adult/Sci-Fi book series.

Is there a prequel to I Am Number Four?

In this stunning prequel novella to the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series, discover what really happened in the final days of the doomed planet from the eyes of Sandor–who would go on to become the reluctant Cepan to Number Nine.

What is the I Am Number Four companion novella?

In this villainous one-hundred-page companion novella to the #1 New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series, get a unprecedented look at the invasion-from three different Mogadorians hoping to conquer Earth. This novella picks up immediately…