What number is Clondalkin in Dublin?

What number is Clondalkin in Dublin?

North Clondalkin, within Dublin 22, also comprises multiple housing estates and apartment complexes, including Neilstown, Rowlagh, St Marks, Quarryvale (Greenfort and Shancastle), Harelawn and Ronanstown.

Is darndale rough?

Darndale is one of the worst areas in the country. Shows how successful social housing can be. That is why the government should not build social housing estates. All the worst areas are social housing areas created by the government.

Is Coolock a nice area?

It’s fair to say that Coolock isn’t the most desirable area of the city, but it should not be dismissed – it has lots of amenities, good transport links, affordable housing and a very settled population, many of whom have been there for generations.

What Garda district is Coolock?


District Division Stations
Coolock North Coolock, Swords, Malahide
Raheny North Clontarf, Howth, Raheny
Balbriggan North Balbriggan, Laytown, Skerries, Lusk
Store Street North Central Store Street

What’s the roughest part of Dublin?

The most dangerous areas in Dublin (based on 2019/2020 statistics)

  • Dublin City. Where the most people congregate is always going to be a potential crime hotspot.
  • Pearse Street.
  • Tallaght.
  • Blanchardstown.

Where is Clondalkin?

Clondalkin village is located in west Dublin, just off the N7 at junction 1A, and is about six miles from the city centre, accessible from the M50 off exit 9. Clondalkin (in Irish, Cluain Dolcain — Dolcan’s Meadow) is located on the banks of the River Camac.

Is Clondalkin Dublin’s first Gaeltacht?

Retrieved on 12 October 2013. ^ O’Carroll, Sinead. “Clondalkin could be Dublin’s first official Gaeltacht”. ^ Climate Summary for Clondalkin.

What happened at Clondalkin in Ireland?

One of the early Norse kings of Dublin, Amlaíb Conung, built a fortress on the site in the middle of the 9th century. In 867 a force led by Cennétig mac Gaíthéne, king of Loígis, burned the fortress at Clondalkin and killed 100 of Amlaíb’s followers.

What is the Clondalkin Round Tower?

The Clondalkin round tower is one of the four remaining towers in the historic County Dublin. Acknowledged as one of the oldest in the country, it is 25.6 metres high and has its original conical cap. Clondalkin forms part of the Dublin Mid-West Dáil constituency and Clondalkin’s postal code is 22.