What makes a house a Queenslander?

What makes a house a Queenslander?

The quintessential Queenslander is a single detached house made of timber with a corrugated iron roof located on a separate block of land. They are all high-set, single-storey dwellings with a characteristic veranda that extends around the house to varying extents but never entirely surrounds it.

Why are Queenslander houses raised?

Generally raised off the ground, built on stilts or stumps, the Queenslander architecture is designed to counteract extreme conditions like flooding, high temperatures and pest infestations.

Why are Queenslanders elevated?

Queenslander homes were originally designed for a sub-tropical climate, primarily built of timber and elevated above-ground to allow air to flow underneath for increased ventilation. Today, modern interpretations and reproductions of this classic style can be found widespread across the country.

Why do Australian houses have metal fences?

Fencing that’s designed to add both security and privacy to our home allows us to expand our “sanctuary” to the very boarders of our property. Fencing made from COLORBOND® steel is the ideal style of fencing to give our home privacy. Plus it won’t rot, warp or be eaten by termites.

Why are Queenslander homes on stilts?

What is a colonial style Queenslander?

So what is a Colonial Style Queenslander? In an excerpt from “Brisbane House Styles 1880 to 1940, A Guide to the Affordable House” by Judy Rechner, a ‘Colonial’ refers to the class of styles in fashion between 1859 and 1901 when Queensland was a colony.

What is a Queenslander home?

Queenslander homes are a regional type that were developed as a response to the humid, sub-tropical Queensland climate rather than a singular architectural style. Instead, Queenslander homes were tropical iterations of styles that were being built elsewhere.

Where does Queenslander architecture come from?

She resides in Paris, France, and has traveled to over 30 countries, giving her a global perspective on home design. Queenslander architecture refers to a signature home type that originated in Queensland, Australia in the mid 1800s and continued to be built through the end of World War II.

When was the first reproduction-colonial house built?

Built in the late 1980s, the reproduction-colonial house was in good repair, and they could see its potential to evolve into the gracious family home they desired.