What kind of guy is passe-partout Zone?

What kind of guy is passe-partout Zone?

Passe-Partout: Passe-Partout is the traitor of the group. He is the one who accidentally leads the authorities to the shed where their illegal cigarettes are hidden.

What is Ciboulettes real name in Zone?

Run by a young man who calls himself Tarzan (Nicolas Desfosses), the gang – Moineau (Dave Jeniss), Tit-Noir (Jean-Simon Traversy), Passe-Partout (Maxime Lavoie) and Ciboulette (Frederique Therien) – smuggles American cigarettes into Quebec.

What are the themes of Zone Marcel Dube?

In Zone, his first play, Dubé paints a dark portrait of disaffected youth. Five characters form their own society with loyalty as its primary value, because in the larger society outside them there is nothing they can believe in–not family, religion or patriotism. All have been tainted.

What is passe-partout real name?

In the more loosely adapted 2004 film version, Around the World in 80 Days, Passepartout was a Chinese fugitive whose real name is Lau Xing, who took the name to avoid custody by British authorities.

Why is Tarzan called Tarzan in Zone?

His name comes from the French word for sparrow, a humorous way of calling him a featherbrain. His lack of intelligence is clearly shown several times throughout.

Why is Zone called Zone Marcel Dubé?

When was the book Zone published?

Published in France in 2008 (and translated here for Fitzcarraldo Editions by Charlotte Mandell), it has subsequently been hailed, by the New York Times, the Millions blog and various respectable French critics, as one of the most significant novels of the century so far; and its subject matter is certainly weighty.

What nationality is Jean Passepartout?

Jean Passepartout is a fictional character in Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in Eighty Days, published in 1873. He is the French valet of the novel’s English main character, Phileas Fogg.

Why is Zone called Marcel Dube?

Is Passpartout black?

Koma said that he was struck, when approached for the role, that Passepartout was a Black man who is a central character.

Who died on the set of Around the World in 80 Days?

Charles Beeson
Charles Beeson, the British television director who helmed episodes of The Mentalist and worked on the upcoming adaptation of Around The World In 80 Days, has died.

What Colour was Passepartout?

The colour of the passepartout should be a shade darker or more yellow than the paper of the picture.

What is zone by Marcel Dubé about?

Zone (play) Zone is a French-language three-act play written by French-Canadian author Marcel Dubé. Written when Dubé was 21 and based on memories of his childhood, Zone revolves around a gang of teenaged Québécois criminals who sell contraband cigarettes, and the internal conflicts that ultimately tear the group apart.

Who are the actors in the movie Zone?

The original production of Zone was directed by Robert Rivard. Monique Miller as Ciboulette (chives) Guy Godin [fr] as Tarzan. Robert Rivard [fr] as Passe-Partout (master key) Raymond Lévesque as Moineau (sparrow) Hubert Loiselle [fr] as Tit-Noir. Marcel Dubé as Johny.

What is the irony in Dubé’s the hate you give?

Dubé’s characters reveal their deepest thoughts and feelings in their dialogue, reflecting their underlying helplessness. The irony is that the gang, who began engaging in criminal activities to escape the societal “grey zone” they inhabit, are ultimately punished by the same society that offered them no support.

How do the characters in zone resort to adolescent ideals?

The characters in Zone, trapped within the poverty of their social milieu, resort to “adolescent ideals” in an attempt to escape. Laroche suggests that the teenaged gang members are play-acting as the characters they saw in films.