What is under the cloud in TTR?

What is under the cloud in TTR?

There never was a cloud to begin with; it was all a ruse. Under the cloud? It’s a Cog Farm, of course!!! That’s where the Cogs are being made, right next to the taco plants.

What is the cloud on the map in Toontown rewritten?

The cloud refers to the undiscovered area that is overlapped by a mysterious cloud just off the outskirts of Minnie’s Melodyland, which appeared on the map of Toontown since May 3, 2015.

How long does it take to max Toontown?

It takes exactly 1,199 points to fully max out gardening, but it will only take approximately four months to finish (if it is done daily).

Is Toontown rewritten a virus?

We’ve received reports that some Toons are having an issue where their Anti-Virus is improperly labelling Toontown Rewritten as a virus as of our recent engine updates. Rest assured that there’s nothing wrong with the game, for more information check out toon.town/antivirus.

Is Toontown rewritten real?

Toontown Rewritten, commonly abbreviated as TTR, is a MMORPG based on Disney’s defunct Toontown Online. The game is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, but instead created by a dedicated team of volunteers that revived Toontown Online.

Is Toontown rewritten still active?

The story was developed, limited-time events continued, new features were added, and to this day the game is still actively updated with new content! Toontown Rewritten has now grown to over 1,900,000 registered players, with thousands of players playing at almost any given time of day.

What is funny farms in Toontown?

Funny Farm was a planned neighborhood in the early development stages of Disney’s Toontown Online, among a total of “eight or nine” neighborhoods that were originally planned for the game.

What is the highest Laff points in Toontown?

The maximum laff limit is currently 137. In the course of a toon’s journey, several toontasks will be offered for a reward for more laff points. A total of 85 laff points are rewarded from toontasks.

What is the Toontown rewritten team?

Members of the Toontown Rewritten Team appear within Toontown on their own staff Toons that can be identified by a blue eye badge. Some are tasked with portraying as a “Toon Trooper”, a “Resistance Ranger” or a “Featured Toon”, otherwise known as Cast Members .

What is the map of Toontown?

The map of Toontown is a page in the Shticker Book that shows every known location in the world of Toontown. Toons can teleport to any location in Toontown upon gaining teleport access to a playground by completing ToonTasks, as well as gaining teleport access to a Cog headquarters by reaching level 12-13 on the specific Cog Disguise .

What happened to the old Toontown?

Other remnants, such as the old Cashbot HQ, Funny Farm, and the old Toontown Central are covered up almost completely with only small traces to prove their existence remaining, such as the odd placement of a street protruding out of Toon Hall towards Minnie’s Melodyland or the dark purple grass around Sellbot HQ.

How do you teleport in Toontown?

However, Toons can teleport to the area directly with the click of a button whenever the event occurs. Due to feedback from the Toontown community, a high quality version of the map was released in an update on September 18, 2019. The original map of Toontown that includes Funny Farm, Goofy Stadium, and Construction Zone.