What is tremie pipe used for?

What is tremie pipe used for?

A tremie is used to pour concrete underwater in a way that avoids washout of cement from the mix due to turbulent water contact with the concrete while it is flowing. This produces a more reliable strength of the product.

What is a tremie rack?

Tremie Pipes and Racks Tremie pipes, used for placing concrete below water level, are available in various sizes. Accompanying racks are also available, to stock pipes and make it easy to move from one jobsite to another.

In which pipe is plugged with concrete from bottom?

Tremie pipe
Tremie pipe remains inside the concrete so that no water enters the pipe from the bottom. In other words, the tremie pipe remains plugged at the lower end of the concrete.

What is concrete Laitance?

Laitance is the weak, milky or powdery layer of cement dust, lime and sand fines that appear on the surface of concrete. These fines rise to the surface of concrete that was over-watered, or allowed to dry prematurely in the absence of curing membranes or other good curing practices.

Which cement is best for underwater construction?

Portland cement
The type of cement used for most construction, including underwater construction, is Portland cement. Made from heated clay and lime, Portland cement is the secret to concrete’s ability to set underwater.

What is tremie mix concrete?

Tremie concrete refers to placement by gravity feed from a hopper through a vertical pipe extending for above the surface to the underwater floor. As concrete flows from the bottom of the pipe, more is added to the hopper so that the tremie pipe is continuously charged with fresh mix.

What are tremie pipes made of?

SIP tremie pipes are made of high quality steel plates in order to guarantee high resistance of elements. Pipes sections can be connected by two kinds of coupling systems: threaded joints and wire cable joints.

What is a sip&t tremie pipe?

Tremie pipes are normally used to introduce concrete into a pile, after the steel cage reinforcement is placed in operation, to avoid concrete pile breakage or gaps. SIP tremie pipes are made of high quality steel plates in order to guarantee high resistance of elements.

What are the advantages of tremie pipes?

During the operations they are lowered inside and through the steel cage reinforcement to protect concrete from soil contamination water filtering and to avoid any possible concrete quality corruption. Unimate tremie pipes are made of quality drawn steel plates in order to guarantee high resistance.

What is Leffer tremie pipe?

The LEFFER Tremie-pipe system has been developed especially to ensure an absolute sure safe concreting process with large sized piles and diaphragm walls, even to very great depths. LEFFER Tremie pipes are available in three outside diameter sizes: 194, 241, and 300 mm.