What is total length of LOC?

What is total length of LOC?

The LOC is a 450 mile-long military control line which serves as a frontier slicing the disputed Indian and Pakistani governed parts of Kashmir into two.

Where is the headquarters of LOC?

UNMOGIP’s Main Headquarters (HQ) directs and controls the activities of the Field Stations. UNMOGIP HQ is in Srinagar in the Indian-administered side of the LoC from May to October and in Islamabad, Pakistan, from November to April.

How was Loc formed in Kashmir?

India and Pakistan fought over Kashmir between 1947 and 1948. The line originally marked the military front when the two countries declared a ceasefire on 1/2 January 1949. The fronts gradually became a solid boundary. It was formally named the Line of Control after the Simla Agreement, which was signed on 3 July 1972.

What is the name of Pak India border?

Line of Control (LoC): De facto boundary between Indian-administered Kashmir and Pakistani-administered Kashmir. Its current form was demarcated after the 1972 Simla Agreement.

What is the full form of Lac?

Line of Actual Control (LAC) The Line of Actual Control (LAC) is a notional demarcation line that separates Indian-controlled territory from Chinese-controlled territory in the Sino-Indian border dispute.

Who controls most of Kashmir?

India controls approximately 55% of the land area of the region that includes Jammu, the Kashmir Valley, most of Ladakh, the Siachen Glacier, and 70% of its population; Pakistan controls approximately 30% of the land area that includes Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan; and China controls the remaining 15% of the land …

Is Kashmir controlled by India?

The region is divided amongst three countries in a territorial dispute: Pakistan controls the northwest portion (Northern Areas and Kashmir), India controls the central and southern portion (Jammu and Kashmir) and Ladakh, and the People’s Republic of China controls the northeastern portion (Aksai Chin and the Trans- …

Who drew Indian border?

Cyril Radcliffe
Cyril Radcliffe: The man who drew the partition line.