What is the weight of exo?

What is the weight of exo?

EXO Members Height And Weight

Name Height Weight
Chanyeol 185 cm 70 kg
Chen 173 cm 60 kg
Baekhyun 174 cm 58 kg
Kai 182 cm 62 kg

What is exo Kai ideal type?

– Kai’s ideal type is someone like Han Yeseul. Someone who is gentle and affectionate.

How much does exo Kai weight?

The model also asked Kai how tall he was and how much he weighed, to which Kai replied, “I am about 181~182 cm, and 63 kg (~139 lb).” Hearing this, Bae Jung Nam remarked, “Those are good measurements for wearing clothes.”

Who is ideal type of sehun?

– Sehun is ranked 15th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”. – Sehun’s ideal type is a kind woman, who is clean, neat, and has a bubbly personality.

Who is EXO smallest?

Followed by BaekHyun , 175 cm (5.74 ft). Followed by SuHo , 173 cm (5.68ft). Followed by Chen , 172.5 cm (5.66ft). The other two members are the shortest and the same height as each other at 172 cm (5.64 ft).

Who is the heaviest in EXO?

EXO Snuck Their Heights And Weights Into Their Concert VCR And We All Totally Missed It

  1. Suho. The leader of EXO stands at 172 cm (5’7″) and he weighs 58 kg (127 lbs).
  2. Chanyeol. Chanyeol is the tallest member of EXO at 185 cm (6’0″) and comes in at 70 kg (154 lbs).
  3. Chen.
  4. Baekhyun.
  5. Kai.
  6. Sehun.

What is EXO’s ideal type?

EXO Members Profile: EXO Ideal Type, EXO Facts EXO (엑소) currently consists of 9 members: Suho, Xiumin, Lay, His expected discharge date is January 25, 2021. – D.O.’s ideal type is a girl who is kind and eats well. Show more D.O. fun facts

How tall is Exo Suho height and weight?

Height: 173 cm (5’8″) Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs) Blood Type: AB. MBTI Type: ENFJ-A. Nationality: Korean. Super Power (Badge): Water. Sub-unit: EXO-K, EXO Main Vocal Line. Instagram: @kimjuncotton. Suho Facts:

How many members does Exo have?

EXO Members Profile and Facts (Updated!) EXO (엑소) currently consists of 9 members: Suho, Xiumin, Lay , Baekhyun, Chen , Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, and Sehun. Former members: Kris, Tao and Luhan.

How tall is Exo-M height and weight?

Position: Main Rapper, Leader (EXO-M) Birthday: November 6, 1990 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 186.6 cm (6’1″) Weight: 73 kg (160 lbs) Blood Type: O Nationality: Chinese-Canadian Super Power (Badge): Flight (Dragon) Sub-unit: EXO-M Instagram: @kriswu Twitter: @kriswu Weibo: @Mr_凡先生 Kris facts: