What is the tutti Bambini 3 year guarantee?

What is the tutti Bambini 3 year guarantee?

All our furniture is covered by the Tutti Bambini 3 Year Guarantee and comes with added features such as teething rails and anti-tilt straps to help keep your little one safe. This opens in a new window.

Why choose the Lucas sleigh cot bed?

Designed with a timeless look and feel, the Lucas sleigh cot bed in crisp white is made from solid wood and is designed to grow with your little one, easily converting into a toddler bed or sofa. The cot bed also features an integral drawer for storing your baby essentials.

Did Tutti Bambini help to unload the wagon?

Now this next part is in no way the fault of Tutti Bambini, but the courier asked for my sons help to unload the wagon, there were 8 boxes, 7 of which were large and very heavy. It is lucky my son was still on paternity leave as there is no way the driver would have been able to move these boxes on his own.