What is the synonym of medal?

What is the synonym of medal?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for medal, like: badge, award, commemoration, reward, medallion, wreath, trophy, purple-heart, decoration, plaque and palm.

What is a word for conditions?

action, case, plight, position, quality, situation, status, arrangement, demand, precondition, prerequisite, provision, qualification, rule, aspect, form, health, ailment, disease, problem.

What is another word for state of play?

What is another word for state of play?

situation scenario
deal score
circumstances development
picture setting
setup state

What is it called when you enter a competition?

entrant. noun. someone who enters a competition or examination.

What is the adjective of condition?

conditioned. determined or dependent on some condition. physically fit, especially as the result of exercise.

What are antonyms for conditions?

Antonyms. abnormality tonicity dryness unsoundness decline comfort danger stigmatism innocence purity improvement safety disorderliness unsusceptibility fullness discomfort guilt susceptibility orderliness wetness disorder astigmatism order soundness emptiness impurity.

What is being in a state of play?

State of play is a British English expression meaning “the present situation”.

What does it mean to be in a state of play?

state of play ​Definitions and Synonyms ​noun singular ​British. DEFINITIONS1. the way in which something is happening or developing.

What do you called the participants in the game?

A contestant is a participant on a game show. A football player is a participant in the sport.

What is medal play in golf?

In a more specific use, medal play refers to the stroke-play qualifying rounds that precede some match play tournaments. Generally, medal play is a synonym for stroke play.

What is another word for medal?

other words for medal. MOST RELEVANT. gold. reward. badge. commemoration. hardware. laurel. medallion.

What is the difference between match play and medal play?

There is another usage of “medal play” that is more specific, and this usage refers to the stroke-play qualifying rounds that are played prior to the start of a match play tournament. In match play, one golfer plays against one other golfer. On each hole, they compare their scores. If you score four and your opponent five, you win that hole.

What does’medal play’mean?

The General Meaning of ‘Medal Play’ Generally, medal play is a synonym for stroke play. And stroke play is, well, “regular golf.” That is, medal play is the most common way of playing golf, the type of golf that even most people who don’t play golf are familiar with: The golfer plops her ball onto a tee and hits a drive.