What is the Sony Cyber-shot HX50?

What is the Sony Cyber-shot HX50?

What is the Sony Cyber-shot HX50? While many other compact camera markets are diminishing in terms of sales, the superzoom compact – or travel zoom camera – is an area that sees continued growth.

What are the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy HX50?

On the subject of video capture, the HX50 offers full HD video capture at 1920 x 1080 / 50p resolution with a data transfer rate of 28Mbps, as well as 1920 x 1080 / 50i capture and several other formats. The model also supports full use of the 30x optical zoom during movie capture.

What are the features of the Fujifilm HX50?

Another welcome feature on the HX50 is the camera’s multi-accessory shoe. Advanced users will welcome this shoe as it facilitates a range of accessories that extend the functionality of the HX50, including an external flashgun, electronic viewfinder or stereo microphone for video capture.

What is the hdc-p50?

The HDC-P50 joins Sony’s acclaimed HDC Series family of live production solutions. It benefits from direct compatibility with a wide range of accessories, remote control panels and camera control units. The camera is also designed for integration with third-party control systems.

Does the Sony hdc-p50 shoot in 4K?

The HDC-P50 fits seamlessly into the growing Sony 4K live production environment. With an optional software upgrade, the camera enables 4K capture for multiple 4K and HD outputs. The HDC-P50 can output HD 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x HFR output directly.

How does the hvo-550md compare to the Sony dvo-1000md?

The HVO-550MD shares the same command set as the Sony DVO-1000MD DVD recorder. This simplifies migration from the DVO-1000MD to benefit from HD recording as well as HDD-based workflows. The HVO-550MD is compatible with a wide range of modalities, including current HD as well legacy SD devices.