What is the smallest Benchmade knife?

What is the smallest Benchmade knife?

The Mini Coalition
The Mini Coalition will be the smallest and lightest auto in the current Benchmade lineup. The knife’s S30V drop point blade measures just 2.87 inches. Modest dimensions and an aluminum frame keep the weight well under the three-ounce mark, and it enters the ring at a reported 2.63 ounces.

What is Benchmade’s best selling knife?

The Warren Osborne-designed 940 series is one of the most popular Benchmade lines and is widely considered by knife enthusiasts to be one of the best everyday-carry knives ever made. It’s offered in a variety of different materials as well as the spinoff 943 variant, to suit a number of tastes.

How big is the Benchmade Mini Bugout?


Blade Length: 2.82″ | 7.16cm
Open Length: 6.49″ | 16.48cm
Closed Length: 3.704″ | 9.41cm
Handle Thickness: 0.412″ | 10.46mm
Weight: 1.5oz | 42.52g

Where is the Benchmade Mini Bugout made?

in USA
Made in USA. Ships in 10-15 business days, custom lasermarking will add 8 business days.

Is a Benchmade knife a good knife?

So yes, Benchmade knives are considered by many to be “good” or even great. Those who say otherwise probably just had an unfortunate but rare experience. 9 5

Are Benchmade Knives considered to be good?

While this can be somewhat true, when you buy a Benchmade knife you know you are getting an above average knife. While they might be overpriced, they are good quality knives that are used by both the police force and the military. Benchmade was origionally created in California in 1979 by Les de Asis and named Bali-Song.

Are Benchmade Knives worth the price?

However, whether a knife is “worth it” or not is a very subjective matter. I have tried to show that Benchmade knives are worth it in my opinion because of their great craftsmanship, materials, design, and company reputation. But, what really matters is whether you think it is worth the price to YOU or not. From all that I have seen, Benchmade knives are worth the price, and the price tag on these knives is very justified.

Which Benchmade should I buy?

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