What is the role of a deputy general counsel?

What is the role of a deputy general counsel?

A deputy general counsel is a senior attorney who offers their legal services to a company as a full-time, part-time, or contractual employee. In an internal legal department, they are second only to the main general counsel /chief legal officer, and act as their backup.

What is a general counsel salary UK?

The average General Counsel salary in London, UK is £198,656 as of March 03, 2021, but the range typically falls between £141,006 and £243,334.

How much does a general counsel get paid in Australia?

How much does a Counsellor make in Australia? The average counsellor salary in Australia is $92,977 per year or $47.68 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $83,850 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $112,960 per year.

What are the members of the General Council known as?

Answer: A general counsel, chief counsel, or chief legal officer (CLO) is the chief lawyer of a legal department, usually in a company or a governmental department.

What does the general counsel do?

A general counsel, sometimes called GC, chief legal officer, or corporate counsel, is a company’s main attorney and primary source of legal advice… The GC typically reports directly to the CEO, because his or her opinions are integral to business decisions.

How much do top general counsels make?

The General Counsel Compensation Survey ranks general counsels based on total cash compensation. The top 100 highest-paid GCs earned total cash compensation of $2.42 million on average.

How much do legal counsels make UK?

Legal Counsel Salary in the UK The average salary for a Legal Counsel is £62,600 gross per year (£3,740 net per month), which is £33,000 (+111%) higher than the UK’s national average salary. A Legal Counsel can expect an average starting salary of £36,300. The highest salaries can exceed £145,000.

What counselor makes most money?

Highest-Paying Counseling Jobs: An Overview

  1. School Counselor. School counselors are some of the highest-paid counselors.
  2. Career Counselor.
  3. Marriage Counselor.
  4. Family Counselor.
  5. Mental Health Counselor.
  6. Pediatric Counselor.
  7. Grief Counselor.
  8. Geriatric Counselors.

Which counselors get paid the most?

Highest paid counseling jobs

  1. Pediatric counselor. National average salary: $63,934 per year.
  2. Licensed clinical social worker. National average salary: $64,671 per year.
  3. Direct support professional.
  4. Therapist.
  5. Physician assistant.
  6. Mental health counselor.
  7. Registered nurse.
  8. Physical therapist.