What is the price of Charmis cream?

What is the price of Charmis cream?

Charmis Vitamin A,C,E Deep Nourishing Cold Cream, 200ml

M.R.P.: ₹299.00
Price: ₹184.00 (₹92.00 /100 ml)
You Save: ₹115.00 (38%)
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Is Charmis cream good for skin?

Charmis Soft Cream is a daily moisturising soft cream with a light and bouncy texture, and it has the goodness of Vitamin C and Saffron extract. It provides relief from sun damage and comforts parched skin.

Can I apply Charmis cream on face?

Direction of use: Apply twice daily on the whole face, on perfectly cleansed skin.

Who owns Charmis cream?

ITC Limited
One of India’s largest consumer goods companies, ITC Limited, is rolling out a skincare line for Charmis, a brand the business acquired from Colgate-Palmolive in June.

Is Charmis cream good for dry skin?

It instantly provides a great relief to my dry skin and hides the rough texture also. Its rich formula makes the skin super soft and provides the necessary deep hydration to it. The cream works best for the winter season as it instantly heals my dry skin.

Is Charmis serum good for face?

Product description Charmis Deep Radiance Face Serum, enriched with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid is a Non Sticky & Quick Absorbing formula, that is clinically proven to penetrate 15 layers deep in the skin to give you Hydrated Clear and Radiant Skin. It moisturizes, reduces dullness and spots.

Is Charmis good for oily skin?

This face wash is suitable for all skin types – dry, oily, and combination.

Is Charmis serum good for dry skin?

Product Description Lightweight & non-sticky. Suitable for all skin types – oily, dry & combination.

Can we use Charmis cream in summer?

Overall, I prefer using it as a body cream, but not as a face cream. And, I don’t think it will work well in summers. This rich formula might make your skin greasy during summers.

How do you use Charmis cold cream?

Usage: A small dollop of Charmis Cold Cream is enough for application on your face and neck. Slowly, and gently massage the cream onto your skin with small circular motions.

Is Charmis serum good for acne?

Charmis Anti Acne Face Serum with 2% salicylic acid, reduces acne and dark spots in 3 days to give a clear and glowing skin. It is made with a host of skin loving ingredients like niacinamide, green tea, kiwi fruit and aloe vera extracts. It also helps reduce pigmentation and acne marks.

How is Charmis face wash?

Salicylic acid has an exfoliation action that reduces acne marks and clears your skin. This face wash removes up to 99.9% acne-causing bacteria, dirt, and oil to deep clean pores. It can make your skin radiant and clean. This product has a skin-friendly pH Level….Contains.

Pack of 1
Skin Type All Skin Types

Where can I buy Charmis vitamin A and C cold cream?

Charmis Vitamin A,C,E Deep Nourishing Cold Cream, 200ml : Amazon.in: Beauty Skip to main content .in Hello Select your address Beauty

Is Charmis moisturising cold cream good for dry skin?

What you need is a warm touch of Charmis moisturising cold cream that loves your skin and cares for it, all through the winter. It’s prefect cream for winters. Recommended for dry skin type Q: Can our all family members can use it? A: why not! Q: this cream work as a fairness cream?????? A: No. This is a cold cream for moisturising skin in winter.

Why choose Charmis?

Charmis is a heritage skincare brand, trusted for generations. Let your skin be nourished and cared for with the goodness of Charmis. Deep Nourishing Cold Cream Constant environmental exposure makes your skin lose essential vitamins leaving it dry, lifeless, and tired looking.

What are the benefits of Charmis vitamin A?

Vitamin Aencourages growth of healthy tissue. Charmis replenishes the lost vitamins in your skin, making it soft and younger looking as you see it.