What is the point of finger skateboards?

What is the point of finger skateboards?

A fingerboard is a small-scale working replica of a real skateboard. The tiny sidewalk surfboard allows riders to recreate and reproduce skateboarding’s core tricks and maneuvers by using their middle and index fingers.

How old is Mike Schneider’s face?

Mike Schneider, 16 years old, runs Flatface.

Who owns flat face?

Flatface Fingerboards
Owner: Mike Schneider
Type of site: Distribution
Product(s): Flatface fingerboards, Flatface wheels
Founded: 2004

Are Tech Decks still popular?

Tech Decks (a trademarked brand, the toy itself is called a fingerboard) have waned in popularity, earning a nostalgia factor on par with the dial-up noise and Club Penguin.

Who owns Flatface fingerboards?

Mike Schneider
Founder of Flatface Fingerboards, Mike Schneider, practices using one of his fingerboards at a session on Saturday January 7.

Is ambition good or bad?

Ambition is a good when your goals are for kindness of other people. It is good to be ambitious as long as you know the difference between what is wrong and right. An ambition can make people to work hard and achieve the dream.

What is “fingerboarding?

Fingerboards – sometimes known as “Tech Decks” (Popular brand), is a miniature replica of a skateboard. Fingerboarding is in short, when somebody uses, or “rides” a fingerboard (with the fingers).

Are You Blinded by ambition?

Moreover, blind ambition is not mentally or physically healthy. The choices you make when blinded by ambition affect more than just your financial situation or your position of power; they can make you sick because they cause stress. Stress is a killer.

Are people truly ambitious?

People are not truly ambitious unless they are willing to make sacrifices in the name of their ambition—even though the end of their ambition may not be worth their sacrifices, and not only because it may never be reached or even approached. It could even be argued that with pure, naked ambition, the end is never worth the sacrifice.