What is the plot of the carpetbaggers?

What is the plot of the carpetbaggers?

When playboy Jonas (George Peppard) inherits his father’s industrial empire, he expands it by acquiring an aircraft factory and movie studio. His rise to power is ruthless. He marries and then quickly abandons sweet, bubbly Monica (Elizabeth Ashley) ; turns his young, attractive stepmother, Rina (Carroll Baker), into a self-destructive actress; and manages to disappoint even his closest friend, cowboy movie star Nevada (Alan Ladd). Is Jonas beyond redemption?The Carpetbaggers / Film synopsis

Is the carpetbaggers a true story?

It stars George Peppard as Jonas Cord, a character based loosely on Howard Hughes, and Alan Ladd in his last role as Nevada Smith, a former western gunslinger turned actor….The Carpetbaggers (film)

The Carpetbaggers
Based on The Carpetbaggers by Harold Robbins
Produced by Joseph E. Levine

Who was the author of the book The carpetbaggers?

Harold RobbinsThe Carpetbaggers / AuthorHarold Robbins was an American author of popular novels. One of the best-selling writers of all time, he wrote over 25 best-sellers, selling over 750 million copies in 32 languages. Wikipedia

Did Alan Ladd play Nevada Smith?

‘CARPETBAGGERS’ SIGNS ALAN LADD; Actor to Play Nevada Smith In Film Version of Novel – The New York Times.

Was the carpetbaggers based on Howard Hughes?

His most successful novel, The Carpetbaggers (1961; film 1964), featured characters loosely based on tycoon Howard Hughes and actress Jean Harlow, and it epitomized the blend of sex, crime, and exuberant vulgarity typical of his oeuvre.

What is the carpetbaggers last name?

Jacob The Carpetbagger is known for The Carpetbagger (2013), Monsters Across America (2020) and …

How old was Steve McQueen in the blob?

The Blob was filmed in color and projected at a 1.85 ratio. Twenty-eight-year-old Steve McQueen received $3,000 for his starring role.

How old is the carpet bagger?

The term carpetbagger was used by opponents of Reconstruction—the period from 1865 to 1877 when the Southern states that seceded were reorganized as part of the Union—to describe Northerners who moved to the South after the war, supposedly in an effort to get rich or acquire political power.

Where is the carpetbagger from?

carpetbagger, in the United States, a derogatory term for an individual from the North who relocated to the South during the Reconstruction period (1865–77), following the American Civil War.

Who is the author of the carpetbaggers?

In this follow two dozen works, most successful and made into films, excelling “The Carpetbaggers” by his strong narrative and the construction of characters that give a precise account of this strange, fascinating, complex and yet deplorable world power. Harold Robbins is his name.

Is the Carpetbaggers a good movie?

The Carpetbaggers is trashy, no doubt about it. But it gets a good production from a good cast, a mixture of old and new Hollywood of the period. 29 out of 34 found this helpful.

The Carpetbaggers is a realistic, tough, ruthless, outspoken novel of men and women who always take more than they give. It is filled with sin and success as the sharply drawn characters search endlessly for love and power, to dominate others even at the expense of self-destruction.

Was John Cusack a good actor in the carpetbaggers?

He was perfectly cast and it was his last and finest performance. “The Carpetbaggers” is a great campy movie. Everybody in the cast plays their parts to the hilt. Everything in the movie is over exaggerated: the storyline, the acting, the colorful costumes, and set.