What is the name of the Castle in Leitrim?

What is the name of the Castle in Leitrim?

Lough Rynn Castle Estate and Gardens
Located in County Leitrim, Lough Rynn Castle Estate and Gardens is not just one of the top castle hotels in Ireland and the most luxurious hotel in Leitrim but also one of the best hotels in the West of Ireland. It is the ancestral home of the Clements family and the legendary Lord Leitrim.

Who owned castles in Ireland?

Ireland is known for its castles. The Normans built most of the castles in Ireland between the 11th and 15th century.

What is the Irish name for Leitrim?

The name ‘Leitrim’ itself is derived from the Irish Liath Druim, meaning ‘grey ridge’, and is a common place name throughout Ireland.

Where in Ireland is County Leitrim?

Leitrim, Irish Liatroim (“Gray Ridge”), county in the province of Connaught (Connacht), northwestern Ireland. It is bounded by Northern Ireland (east) and by Counties Donegal (north), Cavan (east), Longford (south), and Roscommon and Sligo (west).

Where is the O’Rourke castle in Ireland?

Leitrim Village
O’Rourke’s Castle is a ruined castle in Ireland. It was situated in the centre of Leitrim Village c. 30m from the N bank of the Ballinamore and Ballyconnell canal, which at this point is a canalised stream, and c. 400m from its junction with the River Shannon.

Where did Lord Leitrim live?

In April 1878, after surviving various attempts on his life, Lord Leitrim was assassinated, along with his clerk and driver, near Cratlagh Wood while on his way to Milford (a village he owned in its entirety) from his home, Manor Vaughan (usually known as Mulroy House), on Mulroy Bay.

What is County Leitrim known for?

Leitrim has a hilly and mountainous landscape in its north-west and is relatively flat in the south-east, each separated from the other by Lough Allen in the middle of the county. Leitrim has the shortest length of coastline of any Irish county that touches the sea.

What is County Leitrim famous for?

In addition to the linen industry, Leitrim was also noted for its coal mining and mining of iron ore.

Is Leitrim poor?

County Leitrim is situated in the Northwest Ireland and Lakelands. It is the least densely populated county in Ireland and until recently its population was still declining. It is place of poor land, large lakes and hills. It is not without charm but it has known a lot of poverty and isolation.

Where did the Maloney family live in Ireland?

More on the Maloney clan The Malones were a religious family and served as bishops and abbots at the Abbey of Clonmacnois for centuries. A branch of the family lived in Offaly and had an estate in Ballynahown. Another branch were an important family in Westmeath and had large estates in the county.

Is Lough Rynn Castle the best Castle in Ireland?

There are not many places to stay in Ireland that are as authentic or as luxurious as Lough Rynn Castle Hotel. Located in County Leitrim, Lough Rynn Castle Estate and Gardens is one of the top castle hotels in Ireland. It is the ancestral home of the Clements family and the legendary Lord Leitrim.

Where is Leitrim in Ireland?

Leitrim is bordered by the counties of Donegal to the north, Fermanagh to the north-east, Cavan to the east, Longford to the south, Roscommon to the south-west and Sligo to the west. Fermanagh is in Northern Ireland while all the other neighbouring counties are within the Republic of Ireland .

Where is the best castle wedding venue in Ireland?

Lough Rynn Castle Estate & Gardens is the perfect fairytale castle wedding venue in Ireland for those looking for a unique, private and luxurious wedding venue. Our lovingly restored 19th century castle is one of Ireland’s most unique castle wedding venues thanks to the breathtaking views and secluded location in Leitrim in the West of Ireland.