What is the most popular clan in clash of clans?

What is the most popular clan in clash of clans?

Fierce Force
United States : Top Clans

# Clan Score
1 Fierce Force #QC8R0888 74061
2 Sentinels #LPURR99V 71228 -2833
3 darkzero #PV2G9U2L 70280 -948
4 ↑1 Always Baked #PJY9PP98 69909 -371

How do you grow your clan fast in clash of clans?

The primary method to obtain Clan XP is through Clan Wars (and CWL, for that matter). If you want to level up as fast as possible, it’s best that you do Clan Wars as often as you can, as CWL and Clan Games are fixed with respect to earning XP.

How do you get good players in clash of clans?

Promote them to co-leaders if they are trustful, or if you know the person in real life. Give all the promoted members some tasks. Don’t give out free promotions, unless you’re really desperate for new members. Some trolls like to join clans, become co-leader, then kick everyone out.

Who is the top clan?

Global : Top Clans

# Clan Score
1 ↑14 Dame de Trêfle #YGP9P2Y0 64637
2 ↑7 tabriz #28YYLVPP 64589 -48
3 ↑18 QLASH Eclipse #P0LLG9RG 64495 -94
4 ↑10 AK Syndicate #PPCLCJG9 64421 -74

How do you become a good clan leader?

Clan Leadership 101

  1. Define a clear purpose and pass it along to your fellow clan members.
  2. Get to know and understand your clan and its makeup.
  3. Listen to your clan members.
  4. Delegate authority.
  5. Have a good time.
  6. Make sure everybody else is also having a good time.

How do you become leader in Clash of Clans?

When a Clan Leader hasn’t logged into Clash of Clans for 90 days, the game selects a new Leader automatically. Members, as well as the Leader, are notified throughout the rotation process via messages in the game.

How to make a clan in Clash of clans?

Here’s how to make a clan in Clash of Clans. 1. You have to rebuild the clan castle to make your own clan. Building the clan castle is not that easy. You will need 40,000 gold to rebuild the clan castle. 2. After earning that amount of gold, tap on the clan castle of your village.

How do you make a good clan bio?

Add an interesting description of your clan. Take a while to write up a friendly bio of your clan, one that states what you clan is about. For example, if you want to be a trophy hunting clan put that in your bio. If you want to start a friendly or a farming clan, put that in your bio.

How do I increase the level of my clan?

Winning clan wars can help you to gain clan perks which may increase the level of your clan. Thanks! Be active and always be recruiting. This will make your clan grow fast. Thanks! Give clan members advice on upgrades and base strategies, but make sure you know what you’re doing! Thanks! Inviting friends to your clan is the best way to enhance it.

How to make a good Clan logo?

Make a good symbol for your clan. Try to give a symbol that goes with the clan name. For example, if your clan name is Fireworks Ahead, give a red background and orange strips. Be sure that your symbol is memorable and striking so that people will recognize it in an instant.