What is the meaning of Pwoli in Malayalam?

What is the meaning of Pwoli in Malayalam?

The actor couldn’t understand the meaning of typical Malayalam words like Kiduve (the best), Katta waiting (eagerly waiting) and Pwoli (superb).

What does Muthe mean?

Muthe” … It means “Oh my Pearl” .

What is the meaning of Maire?

Definition of maire : any of several New Zealand trees with dense heavy wood: such as. a : a New Zealand tree of the genus Olea —usually used with a descriptive qualifier — compare black maire, white maire.

What is the meaning of Poli Sanam?

Because it is the purest and highest form of praise in the Malayalam language. When you say ‘pwoli saanam myre’ it means you’ve seen nothing better. Period. Because it is comes from the heart. ‘pwoli saanam myre’ is the most innocent form of liking something or someone.

What does kuttan mean in Malayalam?

According to a user from India, the name Kuttan is of Malayalam origin and means “Little boy”. A submission from India says the name Kuttan means “Handsome boy or small boy” and is of Malayalam origin.

What Izzat means?

Definition of izzat 1 : personal dignity or respect : honor is against my izzat— Rudyard Kipling. 2 : power to command admiration : prestige afraid of losing izzat.

Is Maire a boy name?

The name Maire is primarily a female name of Irish origin that means Of The Sea Or Bitter.

What does Kalla mean?

Kalla as a girls’ name has the meaning “cup; fairest, most beautiful; slim and fair”. Kalla is a version of Calista (Latin, Greek): from the Late Latin name Calixta. Kalla is also a derivative of Kayla (Irish, Gaelic): from Caoilainn.

What is the meaning of Kochu?

Kochu is a popular vegetable in West Bengal, Bangladesh and some parts of its neighbouring states. There are various types of kochu available in the region. Some types of kochu is also popular in various countries across the world.

How many types of kochu are there?

Kochu is normally known as taro in English. There are four types of kochu that we generally eat. These are ol kochu, maan kochu, gaathi kochu and kochur loti.

Is Ol Kochu easy to grow at home?

Ol kochu is popular across the country. It is known as suran in Hindi. It is very easy to grow plant. Like any other kochu plant, anybody can grow it with minimum to no fertilizer at their backyard. I grew it many years ago. The plant looks very beautiful. So many people grow it in the home garden too.