What is the full meaning of circular?

What is the full meaning of circular?

adjective. having the form of a circle; round: a circular tower. of or relating to a circle: a circular plane. moving in or forming a circle or a circuit: the circular rotation of the earth. moving or occurring in a cycle or round: the circular succession of the seasons.

What is the meaning of 4 in Gujarati?

English to Gujarati Meaning :: four Four : ચાર

Why is it called a circular?

A: A leaflet or newspaper insert is called a “circular” because it was originally intended to circulate—to make the rounds among a circle of people. The noun was born in the early 19th century as an abbreviated form of a much earlier phrase, “circular letter,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

What is a circular used for?

A circular is essentially a letter containing some important information that is distributed to a large number of people. Say for example you have to invite an entire department for a meeting, or update the dress policy for the whole office – a circular will be the best mode of communication for these purposes.

What are the colours in Gujarati?

List of Gujarati Names of Colors (Colours)–રંગો English Names of Colours Gujarati Names of Colours White સફેદ Black કાળુ Yellow પીળું Red લાલ

What is Gujarati mangalsutra?

Gujarati – Gujarati mangalsutra design consists black beads with intricate gold pendant. Sikh – The formal engagement or kurmai is usually a family affair. The bride’s family goes to the groom’s house carrying gifts that include sweets, clothes and jewellery.

What is a mangalsutra and why do Indian women wear them?

Mangalsutra, literally meaning the sacred-thread, is an important part of the Hindu culture. It dates back to colonial India and is now worn by Indians all over the world as one of the many marks of a married woman.

Why do Tamil people wear thaali with a yellow thread?

In Tamil marriages, the Thaali is worn with the yellow thread during the ceremony and later replaced with gold chain or mangalsutra chain (nallapusalu) for more sturdiness to handle the daily use. Did You Know: The black beads mangalsutra chain is also called Nallapusalu