What is the difference between Ucce and PCCE?

What is the difference between Ucce and PCCE?

Technically, they are the same solution. however PCCE is pre-packaged to reduce the deployment time and complexity of the design. It supports less agents. UCCE can support up to 60,000 agents.

What is Cisco Unified contact center Enterprise?

Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Enterprise helps deliver proactive and personalized customer experiences for contact centers with up to 24,000 agents. Fault tolerance helps ensure uninterrupted operation. Comprehensive reporting gives the business intelligence needed to optimize contact center’s performance.

What is Cisco call center?

Cisco Contact Center Express (UCCX) Built for contact/call centers up to 400 agents, this platform covers the needs of a large majority of businesses. UCCX delivers the cutting-edge capabilities of an advanced contact/call center operation.

What are two key capabilities of Cisco Finesse?

The key tenets of the Finesse approach are:

  • OpenSocial Gadget Container: Agents use multiple applications, often at the same time.
  • Easy-to-use REST API: The easier the API is to use, the lower the cost of developing applications.
  • Browser-based Agent Desktop: Finesse is a web application.

What is Cisco IPCC?

Cisco also offers another contact center product called UCCX, which stands for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express. IPCC is a general term used to refer to IP Contact Center.

What is PCCE and how does it work?

Cisco PCCE supports the latest in security and data integrity features and solutions. When deployed, the application servers are hardened to reduce the attack surface and system vulnerability.

How is PCCE Goa?

The college is a part of Agnel Technical Education Complex, Verna, Goa. PCCE has 4 Bachelor disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Information Technology and Masters in Information Technology

Should you choose Cisco UCCE or PCCE for your contact center?

When seeking to deploy a new contact center platform, sometimes the choice is easy. UCCX is the obvious choice for contact centers with fewer than 400 agents; however, with larger call centers, the choice between Cisco UCCE vs PCCE isn’t as clear. PCCE is a more compact version of UCCE, so there is a lot of overlap in their use cases as a result.

What is packaged contact center enterprise (PCCE)?

Cisco ® Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE) helps businesses and organizations deliver a connected digital experience, enabling you to provide contextual, continuous, and capability-rich journeys for your customers, across time and channels.