What is the difference between T4 and T8 Thorowgood saddle?

What is the difference between T4 and T8 Thorowgood saddle?

What are the main differences? Thorowgood T4 Saddles are synthetic, with a suede effect seat. Thorowgood T8 Saddles are part synthetic and part leather for a more luxurious feel (leather seat and knee rolls).

Where are Thorowgood saddles made?

Thorowgood saddles are designed to fit different horse conformations including cob types, standard builds and high withered horses. Thorowgood has 30 years of saddle making expertise in Walsall, the saddle-making capital of England, NOT mass-manufactured in the Far East or India.

Are all Thorowgood saddles adjustable?

Are all thorowgood saddles adjustable? Yes all the newer models are, some older styles do not have the changeable gullet system but this should be stated on any advert that they are not adjustable.

What are Thorowgood saddles made of?

The T8 hybrid saddle series incorporates quality leather on the seat, kneepads and trim to give the feel of riding on an all leather saddle.

What is the most expensive dressage saddle?

Here are their 3 most expensive horse saddles:

  • 1) Passier Sirius Dressage Saddle $7,695.
  • 2) Passier Optimum Dressage Saddle $5,995.
  • 3) Passier Compact Dressage Saddle $5,850.

Do Thorowgood saddles have changeable gullets?

All Thorowgood T4 and T8 saddles feature a quick change gullet bar system which enables you to alter the width of your saddle to best fit the profile of your horse’s withers.

How do you know what size saddle you need?

There should be about four inches between your body and the swell of the saddle. Anything less than that may mean a too-small saddle, and a bigger gap means the saddle may be on the large size. Larger may be more comfortable for you. Western riders with longer legs should choose a larger-size saddle.

What is a Thorowgood saddle?

Thorowgood saddles are largely synthetic saddles though the T8 line have a lovely leather seat and knee pad. These saddles are built on the simatree which provides the flexibility of a changeable gullet to allow for a variety of different widths.

What is a Thorowgood T8 jump saddle?

The Thorowgood T8 Jump saddle is a specialist showjumping saddle designed to improve your jumping technique. It is built on a new tree which has longer, swept-back points to support the front of the panel and allow freer shoulder movement.

Why choose a dressage saddle?

Dressage specific tree and moveable under-flap thigh blocks combine to help the rider maintain a balanced dressage position. More… This all-round saddle helps the young rider develop a balanced and independent seat.

Which is the best T4 saddle for my horse?

Thorowgood T4 Saddles. This popular, award winning range combines a smart leather-look with a suede effect seat and knee pad. We’re well-known for this range of GP and Cob saddles designed to fit your horse’s specific conformation.