What is the current topics in India?

What is the current topics in India?

Given below is a list of top 50 GD topics on current affairs.

  • Reorganization of Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Ban on Triple Talaq.
  • Mob Lynching.
  • India’s exit from RCEP with ASEAN.
  • Decriminalization of homosexuality.
  • Consolidation in Banking Sector.
  • Ayodhya Verdit and its implications.

What are current affairs topics?

One section that cannot be given a miss is the latest current affairs part. All IAS aspirants must familiarize themselves with the events of national and international importance that can be asked in the UPSC exam….

Topics for Current Affairs 2021
Abraham Accords African Forest Elephants
World Turtle Day World Water Day

What are the topics for group discussions (GD)?

A: There is no limited list of subjects or areas of GD topics. It can range from a plethora of subjects such as Economics, Business, Social Issues, Art, Literature, Entertainment, Science, to name a few. For the Group Discussions for MBA admissions, the topics may be focused on Indian and International Business, Economics, Politics, etc.

What are the different types of GD topics for placement?

The types of GD topics for placement can vary as per the area, domain or theme such as business and commerce, social issues, current affairs and abstract topics. Here are these different types of GD topics for placement: If you are looking for GD topics for MBA, then you must study the major issues prevalent in the business and economy sector.

What are the latest group discussion topics for interview in 2021?

Here is the list of the latest group discussion topics for interview in 2021. Should people invest in cryptocurrency? What if Bitcoin crashes to zero? Why is earth losing its greenery? Food or Ethics?

What is group discussion in interviews?

Group Discussion or GD is one of the common screening rounds in the interview process. Basically, in the GD, a discussion will happen among the members on any latest group discussion topics. There are endless GD topics available on various subjects. Right now, are you searching for the best group discussion topic ideas for the interview?