What is the best gun in Battlefield 3?

What is the best gun in Battlefield 3?

Take a look at the best weapons in Portal’s Battlefield 3 mode.

  • 3 M16A3.
  • 4 P90.
  • 5 PP-2000.
  • 6 AS VAL.
  • 7 SCAR-H.
  • 8 AKS-74U.
  • 9 AN-94.
  • 10 M416. The M416 is an assault rifle developed by a German gunsmith.

Is the M240 still in use?

The M240 has been used by the United States Armed Forces since the late 1970s. It is used extensively by infantry, most often in rifle companies, as well as on ground vehicles, watercraft and aircraft….M240 machine gun.

Machine Gun, 7.62 mm, M240
Produced 1977–present
Variants See Variants

Is the M240 a M60?

The M240 is indeed the replacement for M60, although many units of the American military–primarily Navy–still use the M60. They are similar in appearance, portability, weight, and mission. The M60 is slower at 500-650 rpm, while the M240’s cyclic rate is selectable from 750-950 rpm.

Why did the M240 replace the M60?

In the 1980s, the M60 was partially replaced by the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon within Army infantry squads. Their new doctrine with the weapon reduced the general-purpose machine gun role in favor of portability and a greater volume of fire.

Why was the M60 replaced by the M240?

The M60-family was designed to replace an automatic rifle and a medium machinegun primarily used off tripod and vehicle mounts. The M240 was designed (ironically) off the same operating system as one of the two weapons the M60 was designed to replace (The Browning BAR), but the design is focused on the MMG role.

What is the best assault rifle on Battlefield 2042?

What Are The Best Assault Rifles In Battlefield 2042?

  • AK-24.
  • SFAR-M GL.
  • AC-42.
  • M5A3.

What is the M240B in Battlefield 3?

The M240B is a weapon featured in Battlefield 3 . The M240B is seen as PFC. Montes’ primary weapon. It is at almost no point usable by the player in the campaign.

What is an M240?

The M240 is the American designation for the Belgian-made FN MAG. It fires the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge and is usually found mounted on vehicles or emplacements, but is also employed by USMC rifle companies on a smaller scale in machine gun teams.

How do you unlock the M240B in Warzone?

The M240B is unlocked after reaching 90,000 Support score as the third LMG unlocked. It is one of the high-damage, moderate rate of fire, high-recoil medium machine guns, alongside the M60 and the, more-or-less faction-opposite, PKP Pecheneg; by default it possesses a 100-round belt of ammunition.

What is the best LMG in Battlefield Play4Free?

The M240B is a purchasable Elite light machine gun for the Medic Kit in Battlefield Play4Free. It features the largest magazine out of any infantry weapon in the game, as well as the longest range and highest accuracy, tied with the M249. It also has high damage, with its DPS as the highest amongst all LMGs.