What is the adjective of dip?

What is the adjective of dip?

immersed, soaked, bathed, coated, covered, doused, drenched, dunked, plunged, soused, steeped, wet … more. dippable. Suitable for being dipped into something.

Is dipped a verb or adjective?

verb (used with object), dipped or (Archaic) dipt [dipt]; dip·ping. to plunge (something, as a cloth or sponge) temporarily into a liquid, so as to moisten it, dye it, or cause it to take up some of the liquid: He dipped the brush into the paint bucket.

What is dip with example?

Dip is defined as to put into a liquid and then take out. An example of to dip is scooping salsa onto a tortilla chip. An example of to dip is jumping into a pool and getting out. verb. 1.

What is the adjective of vehicle?

vehicular. Of or pertaining to a vehicle or vehicles, usually specifically cars and trucks.

What is a dip in the road?

Dip signs indicate that there is a dip or low place in the road. Drivers are suggested to slow down when they see a dip sign. It’s hazardous to encounter this sharp depression in the road while driving at a high speed. Use additional caution after rain as these dips can fill with water and cause cars to hydroplane.

What is dip computer?

Short for dual in-line package, a DIP is a chip encased in hard plastic with pins running along the outside. The picture is an example of a DIP found on a computer motherboard that is soldered into place.

Is toy car an adjective?

Toy car is a noun. A noun is a type of word the meaning of which determines reality. Nouns provide the names for all things: people, objects, sensations, feelings, etc.

Is vehicular an adjective?

of, relating to, or for vehicles: a vehicular tunnel. serving as a vehicle. caused by a vehicle; attributed or attributable to vehicles: vehicular homicide.

What does a dip in the road look like?

What Does the Road Sign ‘Dip’ Mean? When you see a yellow colored sign with a black border, and the word DIP printed in the center, this is meant to indicate that there is a low area in just up ahead.

How do you drive through a dip?

How to Avoid Dips, Damage in Your Daily Drive

  1. Drive Defensively to Avoid Damage. • Leave enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you—this allows you to see the oncoming pothole before striking it.
  2. Don’t Let Pothole Damage Go – Get It Checked Out.
  3. Evaluate Your Claim for Insurance.

How do you use lavishly in a sentence?

in a rich and lavish manner.

  1. The Bradfords always entertained lavishly at Christmas.
  2. The room was lavishly decorated with tinsel and holly.
  3. He went on spending lavishly until his money was at the end.
  4. The book is lavishly illustrated in full colour.
  5. The dining room was lavishly decorated.

What are some adjectives to describe a car?

According to the algorithm that drives this website, the top 5 adjectives for “cars” are: subtle unmarked, full palatial, overcrowded open, new rental, and flashy german. There are 984 other words to describe cars listed above. Hopefully the above generated list of words to describe cars suits your needs.

What are some examples of adjectives?

Examples of adjectives. Typical adjective endings. They live in a beautiful house. Lisa is wearing a sleeveless shirt today. This soup is not edible. She wore a beautiful dress. He writes meaningless letters.

What are some examples of comparing adjectives?

Comparing adjective examples 1 This house is bigger than that one. 2 This flower is more beautiful than that. 3 He is taller than Mr. Hulas. 4 He is more intelligent than this boy. 5 Jonathan is the most handsome man on campus. 6 This is the prettiest dress in the window. 7 I lost my most comfortable shoes. 8 My job is worse than yours. More

What is a good adjective phrase?

Adjectival phrase examples. Susan is really clever. The doctor is very late. My sister is fond of animals. I am happy to meet you. The kids are ready to go. Don’t be afraid of the dark. Tony lost his dark brown briefcase.