What is sulfolane used for?

What is sulfolane used for?

Uses. Sulfolane is widely used as an industrial solvent, especially in the extraction of aromatic hydrocarbons from hydrocarbon mixtures and to purify natural gas.

How do you get rid of sulfolane?

Besides chemical and biological treatments, pump and treat by adsorption on granular activated carbon (GAC) has been applied to remove sulfolane at several sites.

How is sulfolane made?

Sulfolane is an organosulfur compound, containing a sulfonyl group with a sulfur atom double-bonded to two oxygen atoms. The structure is shown in Figure 1. It is synthesized by hydrogenating sulfolene, the product of a reaction between butadiene and sulfur dioxide.

What is Sulfinol used for?

Sulfinol is an integrated, dual approach to acid gas removal and trace sulphur and mercaptans scrubbing. Sulfinol hybrid solvents enable simple all-in-one sour gas treatment, reducing equipment count and solvent rates significantly.

Is sulfolane safe?

We have also asked a federal public health agency, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), to recommend a level of exposure for sulfolane in drinking water that does not harm human health, both for children and adults.

Is sulfolane flammable?

Normally stable, even under fire conditions.

Is sulfolane hazardous?

Health Hazards: Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child. Causes eye irritation. Harmful if swallowed. Precautionary Hazard – Prevention: Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.

What is Sulfinol process?

The sulfinol process uses a mixture of solvents allowing it to behave as both a chemical and physical solvent process. The solvent is composed of sulfolane, diisopropanolamine (DIPA), and water. The sulfolane acts as the physical solvent, while DIPA acts as the chemical solvent.

What is the density of sulfolane?

1.26 g/cm³Sulfolane / Density

Is sulfolane combustible?

OSHA Classification (29 CFR 1910.1200): Not classified by OSHA as flammable or combustible. EXTINGUISHING MEDIA: Use water fog, foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide (CO2) to extinguish flames.

Is sulfolane an amine?

The concentrations of the amine and the physical solvent vary with the type of feed gas in each application. Common Sulfinol mixtures are in the range of 40% amine (also called DIPA), 40% sulfolane (an organic solvent), and 20% water.

What is the use of sulfolane in Chemical Engineering?

Sulfolane is a good solvent for capturing acid gases and mercaptans if any acid gas evolving from sulfolane decomposition or associated corrosion are held in solutions. Solvent regeneration removes heavy material evolving from solvent decomposition and the accompanying unit corrosion.

Is sulfolane corrosive to steel?

Sulfolane is not considered corrosive to steel; corrosion of steel from using sulfolane generally occurs from by-products of sulfolane decomposition. The root cause of corrosion related to sulfolane use is the presence of impurities in sulfolane extraction units that degrade sulfolane. Specifically, oxygen or chlorides in contact with sulfolane

What is the decomposition temperature of sulfolane?

However, slow thermal decomposition with the formation of sulphur dioxide and butadiene already occurs at temperatures above 200 °C. Surprisingly, high decomposition rates may occur at temperatures of 175-190 C for sulfolane contaminated with oxygen.

How to clean sulfolane from the feed?

A Flash Regenerator can be employed to clean Sulfolane (Figure 11). heat exchange issues) to that of reboiled regenerators except t hat there are no trays. again in the reboiler. This reduc es the temperature the feed i s exposed to, and decreases the residence time of t he feed at high temperature.