What is soft shell R?

What is soft shell R?

Fabric research and treatment. LIGHT SOFT SHELL-R: Hooded blouson made of a 3-ply performance material with an 8000 MM water column. The jersey-look outer face is laminated with a breathable, water and wind resistant inner membrane, protected by a textured polyester jersey backing layer.

Is Stone Island Soft Shell R waterproof?

The fabric is a 3 ply performance material, with an 8000mm water resistance rating. The outer shell is bonded to a waterproof, windproof and breathable inner membrane, and backed in super-soft fleece.

How does Stone Island Soft shell fit?

How does the Stone Island jacket fit? With Stone Island, the sizing of the jackets is similar to all the other tops. All you have to do is take one size above your usual size to fit in your jacket. To illustrate: if you normally wear Medium, go for Large.

What are softshell jackets good for?

Soft shell jackets are used for stretchiness, warmth, and breathability during active outdoor adventures. They can be used as an insulating mid layer when you’re layering for skiing or dressing for cold, snowy weather, and they’re a great choice for everyday wear in cool weather.

What is the purpose of a softshell?

WHAT ARE SOFTSHELL JACKETS USED FOR? Softshell jackets are used for hiking, climbing and mountaineering in changeable conditions. Their main purpose is to keep you comfortable when you’re active so you don’t have to layer up or down with a hardshell jacket and a t-shirt or base layer.

Is Stone Island jacket true to size?

Stone Island jackets fit true to size, but size up if you’re into winter layering – especially if you’re considering one of the brand’s parkas.

Are softshell jackets worth it?

They’re relatively lightweight, super breathable and can offer you short term protection against wind and rain. In other words, they’ll give you some water resistance. Combining comfort and flexibility, softshells are versatile garments that can fill the gap between your fleece and hardshell jacket.