What is Silver Efex?

What is Silver Efex?

Unique algorithms for better results Nik Silver Efex is the most advanced black-and-white photo software you’ll ever use. With its unique algorithms and an array of tools and adjustments for changes like brightness, contrast, and amplifying whites, you get total control of your digital darkroom.

What is Silver Efex pro2?

The Silver Efex Pro 2 Software from Nik Software is a powerful plug-in application for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Lightroom, and Apple Aperture. It gives you all the tools necessary to convert color images from your digital camera to stunning black and white photographs.

What is included in Nik Collection 4?

Nik Collection 4 includes eight individual plug-ins covering a range of popular editing tasks and provides easy-to-achieve effects: Define 2 is used for noise reduction; Viveza 3 is for adjusting colour and tonality; Perspective Efex can be used to adjust lens and perspective distortion; HDR Efex Pro 2 allows you to …

Is Silver Efex worth?

Nik Software offers some excellent tools for digital photographers and Silver Efex Pro 2 to me is their flagship plug-in. Not only does it work well and offer high end results that top photographers around the world are using but it is a lot of fun to work with. I do not say that about most software I use for work.

What is Silver Efex pro?

What is Silver Efex Pro? Silver Efex Pro is a dedicated black and white photography plug-in that’s one of the key creative tools in the Nik Collection. Regarded by many as the best black and white tool on the market, even years after its introduction.

How do I use Silver Efex Pro 3 with Photoshop?

You can launch Silver Efex Pro 3 as a plug-in from Photoshop or Lightroom, or as a standalone application. There’s a choice of one-click presets (left) or in-depth manual adjustments (right).

What is the difference between color Efex pro and analogue Efex pro?

Analog Efex Pro has some great black and white tools which are geared more towards camera and lens effects and more antique/distressed looks, while Color Efex Pro has a great Old Photo filter for recreating the look of early prints.