What is SAP BPC planning?

What is SAP BPC planning?

SAP BPC provides you with an end-to-end planning process and perform activities like planning, forecasting, budgeting, reporting, etc. It allows you to follow top-down or bottom-up planning with an application and user interface.

What is SAP WFA?

SAP SuccessFactorsWorkforce Analytics (WFA) helps customers gain insights into how investments in talent are impacting business outcomes. WFA also helps increase visibility into workforce trends, risks, and opportunities, and improve the distribution of talent management metrics to front line managers.

What is workforce planning and analytics?

The “analytics” piece of workforce planning and analytics refers to the process of determining, with data, whether you have the right number of people, with the right skills, in each functional area based on your short- and long-range business plans.

What is workforce planning in SAP PS?

Workforce planning involves SAP HR module to provide a personnel number for use in determining the actual capacity and cost of providing an individual resource.

How many model types are available in BPC?

With the release of BPC 10.1 with NetWeaver, there are two models that can be used to fulfill the business requirements. BPC models are often referred to as BPC applications and BPC environment is normally called Application.

What is Dimension SAP BPC?

A dimension consists of members. If the members of a dimension are arranged in a hierarchical order, the relationship between members is described with terms such as Parent, Child, and Sibling. Dimensions are the building blocks or your application or model and consists out of dimension members.

What is SuccessFactors WFA?

SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics (WFA) takes your SuccessFactors data and transforms it into time-trend ready measures and dimensions which are then used to create dashboards and reports to help strategic HR decision-making.

How do you create a dimension in BPC?

  1. After login into BPC application.
  2. Go to Administration page.
  3. Click on dimensions and you will get list of all dimensions which is being already created, to create a new dimension click on new.
  4. Provide your Dimension ID and description.

What is the SAP BPC module?

SAP BPC is a SAP module that provides planning, budget, forecast, and financial consolidation capabilities. SAP BPC meaning Business Planning and Consolidation.

How to do CAPEX planning in SAP BPC?

CAPEX Planning will be done at the asset class level in the CAPEX Planning template which is available in SAP BPC. Planning Data will be submitted though the input form template and will be stored in BI Info Cubes followed by Actual CAPEX Data to be loaded is the BW Data Store to accommodate Actual Vs Plan. 5.

What is task profile in SAP BPC?

Task Profiles: It is used to set up profiles and enable access to data in models. BPC definition or SAP BPC means: A SAP module that provides planning, budget, forecast, and financial consolidation capabilities. BPC stands for Business Planning and Consolidation. SAP BPC provides you with a single view of financial and operational data.

What is headcount data planning and payroll rate planning?

The Headcount Data Planning and Payroll Rate Planning will be available for each department to plan their respective headcount data at position/job and cost center level. This planned data will be an input to P&L Planning.