What is Paragon MLS?

What is Paragon MLS?

Paragon®, Black Knight’s industry-leading multiple listing service (MLS) system, is used by more than 200 MLSs and associations across the U.S. and Canada. This feature-rich platform provides the comprehensive capabilities needed to help brokers and agents work better, faster and smarter – and achieve greater success.

Does Paragon MLS have an app?

This document provides detailed information for the use of Paragon MLS in the Chrome browser on Android devices. This is the mobile-optimized version of the live Paragon MLS. It provides location based searching, access to Contacts and other Paragon features.

How do I change my Paragon password?

Changing Paragon MLS Passwords

  1. Access the Paragon login screen in your internet browser of choice.
  2. Click on the “I Need To Change My Password” link.
  3. Input your NRDS number (MLS Login ID) and your current password to validate your identity.
  4. Input your new MLS password and then re-enter it to verify it is spelled correctly.

Where is the paragon platform?

The Paragon platform The Paragon Platform is found in the Vale north of the central area, near the river that runs between two waterfalls, by the frost giant that holds the Sapphire Paragon. It is a doorway fallen into ruins of which only two columns and the Paragon Socket remain.

What are the latest functions in Paragon connect?

Paragon Connect – Contact List: It has been upgraded to support several new features, such as adding a search bar, upgraded filters, streamlining in adding a new contact, the ability to delete multiple contacts, and more.

What is InfoSparks?

InfoSparks is an interactive data tool ready to change the way our members use, display and share housing information. The tool is customizable and allows users to compare trends of up to four areas at the same time.

What is @Paragon connect?

Paragon Connect integrates seamlessly with the current Paragon Collaboration Center Consumer Portal, allowing you to better service your clients. You can manage your contacts, set up buyer access to the Collaboration Center Portal, view buyer and seller activity, perform property searches and much more—all on the go!

Who is the East Bay Association of Realtors?

Being founded in 1922, the company currently represents more than 5000 real estate professionals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. East Bay Association of Realtors provides its MLS services to more than 5500 users and its main objective has always been to advance and protect the real estate profession by providing professional services.

What is Baybay east?

Bay East offers MLS & Technical classes, webinars and personal development education virtually. Our website calendar is updated frequently with new opportunities. Get valuable information and hear from knowledgable speakers in the comfort of your own home.