What is non-classical ligand?

What is non-classical ligand?

Ligands are broadly classified into two classes classical and non-classical ligands, depending on their donor annd acceptor ability. Classical ligands form classical complexes while non-classical ligands form non-classical complex. Bonding mechanism in non-classical is called synergic bonding.

What are homonuclear and heteronuclear carbonyl?

Mostly homonuclear molecules are diatomic that is they have two atoms. Homonuclear diatomic molecules include: hydrogen (H2), oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N 2) and all of the halogens. Heteronuclear Molecules: Hetero-nuclear molecules are formed from more than one element.

What is polynuclear carbonyl?

Polynuclear metal carbonyls complexes are the carbonyl complexes consisting of more than two metal ions in them.

Is ethene a ligand?

Yes,ethene is absolutely a ligand it donates π bond pair electron to Central atom. In same way benzene , cyclopentadienyl and some other organic compound act as ligand.

What is non-classical Carbocation?

What is Nonclassical Carbocation? A nonclassical carbocation is an ion containing a positively charged carbon in a three-center two-electron center. This means, there are three atoms sharing two electrons in these carbocations. This type of electron sharing is named as delocalization of the electrons.

What is heteronuclear and homonuclear?

Homonuclear diatomic molecules are substances composed of two atoms of the same chemical element bonded to each other via covalent bonds. Heteronuclear diatomic molecules are substances composed of two atoms of two different chemical elements bonded to each other via covalent bonds.

Which is Homonuclear molecule?

Homonuclear molecules, or homonuclear species, are molecules composed of only one element. Homonuclear molecules may consist of various numbers of atoms, depending on the element’s properties. Some elements form molecules of more than one size.

Which metal does not form a polynuclear carbonyl is?

Cr is the correct answer.