What is natural finish in Laminex?

What is natural finish in Laminex?

Laminex Natural nish is a low sheen, smooth touch nish that gives a very natural look to benchtops and cabinetry. Our standard nish, Natural nish is a durable and low maintenance option.

What is Laminex riven finish?

Riven finish adds depth and elegance to woodgrains and linear patterns whilst delivering a tactile, brushed effect. Its sumptuous texture enhances the beauty of vertical panels and cupboard doors, offering a fabulous alternative to timber veneer.

What is chalk finish on Laminex?

Laminex Chalk finish Chalk is a low-gloss tactile finish that replicates the natural look and feel of raw timber veneer. Laminex Planked Urban Oak in Chalk finish.

What is a Laminex pearl finish?

A smooth, lightly stippled, hard-wearing finish, Pearl can be used in Cabinetry Doors and Panels, Cabinetry Interiors and Wardrobe Interiors. It is available in Decorated Particleboard and Decorated MDF. See Pearl products.

Does Laminex come in gloss?

These brand-new panels offer a luxurious super-high-gloss finish, durability and ease of maintenance.

What is the difference between Polytec and laminate?

Now, polytec employ tight radius’, and physical properties such as stain and scratch resistant surfaces that make laminate a much more valuable choice. These new and improved features allow for laminate to be used in high-traffic areas, in various applications from residential to commercial.

What is the difference between Laminex and laminate?

Whether you call it Laminex, plastic laminate or high pressure decorative laminate, the key word is “laminate.” All HPDL products are manufactured in a similar way, from layers of paper saturated with melamine and bound together with phenolic resins. Only the top layer is the decorative layer.

What is Velour finish laminate?

FORMICA® Velour is a matt finish that delivers a clean and modern look. The most popular finish in the Formica range, Velour is suitable for all situations. FORMICA® Etchings is a dynamic surface featuring a softly polished and textured feel.

What is chalk white color?

Benjamin Moore Chalk White is the perfect white paint color to bring light into any room that feels small, stuffy and dark. It will transform any space into a bright, airy and spacious feel. This paint color is great for kitchen walls, you can write on the walls since it transforms into a writing board.

What is velvet finish in laminate?

Velvet finish adds a flexible look and feel, which softens colors, reduces contrast and gives an overall lighter appearance. Check out our coveted velvet laminated greeting cards. They come in several convenient sizes and can be printed in full color on one or both sides. Ask for free samples!

What is Formica finish?

The Gloss finish is ideal for applications that require maximum smoothness and light reflection. Use it to turn any Formica® Laminate into a dry-erase surface to add writable functionality to walls, cabinet doors and tabletops.

What is Laminex finish color?

Colour: Our most familiar white and one of our classics, White is the go-to warm based white for many spaces Finish: A durable, low sheen, smooth touch finish. Laminex® has been part of Australian life for more than 85 years. Our commitment to design, innovation, quality and sustainability endures.

What colours are in Laminex diamondgloss?

Colours: DiamondGloss comes in a range of decors from Laminex’s Minerals range to recreate the look of highly polished stone, as well as a selection of solid colours from the Whites & Neutrals range. Silk is a luxurious semi-gloss finish adds sleek style to cabinetry.

What’s the difference between laminexes melamine and Laminex 2-pac?

The ‘Natural’ finish in Laminexes melamine range is their standard matt finish and therefore comparable to satin in 2-pac. However for an ultra-matt finish you could try their absolute matte product as mentioned above. This is more fingerprint resistant and of course, more expensive.

What is Laminex puregrain?

Laminex PureGrain is a luxurious new finish that emulates the delicate woodgrain texture of painted timber veneer, with visual and tactile contrast created by “zero gloss” detailing in the surface. Laminex PureGrain Oyster Grey & Terril Bedroom Joinery. Laminex PureGrain Tornado. | Design & Styling: Bree Leech. | Photography: Lisa Cohen.